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Video || Trump Throws CNN’s Jim Acosta Out of the Oval Office

Basically, Acosta was asking a version of the already-asked “are you a racist” query.

13 thoughts on “Video || Trump Throws CNN’s Jim Acosta Out of the Oval Office”

  1. About time. Go Mr. President. When they claim office of president is being demeaned and standards lowered by Trump, they fail to see how their lack of respect is directly causing much of this. Such arrogance. Can’t get over themselves

  2. It’s hard to see the point of this kind of treatment of MrTrump now. The anti-Trump cabal has already decided that he is a racist of the highest order, so that questions like Acosta threw out sounds childish and peevish.

    Are you a racist, or do you only want White people to immigrate to the US are insults crudely phrased as questions.

  3. The way the mental & physical mix has been stirred for 70 years, there are no White nations- so Acosta & his people have little to worry about, thanks to the national decompositionists.

  4. Corporate media is show business, we all know this, and Acosta is the typical desperate wannabe Star Of The Show. He’s always auditioning for the part. Every day. It’s a wonder he didn’t put on his tap shoes and straw hat and begin singing, “Oh, the President doesn’t like my style, like my style, like my style. He’s a Meanie, yes he is. (tap tap tap). What am I gonna dooooooo?” ;+}

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