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Did Trump Say “I” or “I’d”? You Decide

The Wall Street Journal quoted President Trump as saying he has a good relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, feeding into the storyline that Trump is off his Oval Office rocker. But I think it’s pretty clear he was talking about a prospective relationship with Kim.

Here’s how the Journal quoted him:

I have a great relationship with him, as you know I have a great relationship with Prime Minister Abe of Japan and I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.

If you listen to the audio and the tone of voice, it’s pretty clear that Trump said “I’d” instead of “I”. It sounds a bit more like “I’d,” and his vocal inflexion makes it seems like he’s speculating like he is speculating.

I don’t think this was an intentional “hit job” against Trump. I do think it’s quite possible people were hearing what they wanted to hear. At the very least, it is irresponsible that nobody noticed and pointed to the ambiguity.

9 thoughts on “Did Trump Say “I” or “I’d”? You Decide”

  1. Cripes! so what if he did say “I” – maybe he does, who knows.
    IMO< here's what's going to happen:
    PresidentTrump will adapt the same access to the Press as did Obama – meaning next to nothing.
    He will communicate with the public via Twitter or staged announcements. He will not take any questions from the general press, but will choose certain journalists who won't misrepresent or spin whatever he says.

    1. If he’s smart, he will do his State of the Union address through Twitter or a remote broadcast, and won’t go to Congress at all. THAT would be a good way to let the traitors there know just how valuable they are to the American people.

  2. oh no… I want to see it in the Capitol….Live…with everyone that wants to be there…. It will be the most exciting thing you will ever see.

  3. I don’t hear the “d”…but I’m giving the President the benefit of the doubt because it makes no sense the other way. But what makes less sense than anything is ninnies on CNN and MSNBC who would try to make this a 48- or 72-hour story.

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