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DHS Secretary Says She Didn’t Hear Trump Use the Word “Shithole”

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen traveled to what on occasion, and depending on who’s around, is one of the world’s biggest shitholes, the United States Senate, and testified that she didn’t hear President Trump use that word to describe African nations during a meeting with senators on immigration.

I gather the Democrats would rather score political points over this and glory in their self-righteousness than get a deal on DACA.

4 thoughts on “DHS Secretary Says She Didn’t Hear Trump Use the Word “Shithole””

  1. I try not to pay much attention to this garbage every day, but was she there to testify about something else…or did they explicitly call her there to ask about this??

  2. I caught a bit of Sanders’ News Conference. She said 5 days have been spent on one word; whereas, DACA should have been discussed. I like her more and more.

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