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Video || Trump Asked at MLK Day Event, “Are You a Racist?”

This follows his alleged statement that he wondered why America should take immigrants from “Shithole” countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and nations in Africa.

7 thoughts on “Video || Trump Asked at MLK Day Event, “Are You a Racist?””

  1. If and when a Dem is elected to be POTUS, the old standard of respect for the office will be long gone.
    She wasn’t asking if he was racist, she was calling him a racist. Shouting at him.
    Today’s journalists have started something they may regret later.

  2. As President Trump honors the life and achievements of Dr. King, on the 50th anniversary of his death, as he shakes the hands and exchanges hugs with family and friends of Dr. King, in what should have been a respectful and meaningful ceremony, how disrespectful for April to shout out her racist comments, and how embarrassing for all who were gathered there for that celebration. A cringeworthy exhibit that belied and ruined everything that preceded it. I hope Sarah exacts revenge.

  3. It’s so nice that 60 years of FORCED integration, nondescrimination, tolerance & coexistence has brought the nation to this point of rude manners, sleazy-grubby dress codes, tattoo body suits, lower standards for the professions, thudding/throbbing beat vibrations emanating from vehicles, & children whose ‘care givers’ are seldom identified as their actual married father & mother. Than you, ‘classic party of national decomposition’!

  4. After the President had left the room, I heard one of the guests shout back “No, he’s not” in a rather irritated voice. Spoilt the event for them, I imagine.

  5. The President signs a proclamation honouring a black civil rights icon, shakes hands and hugs some of the black people who surround him, and in general seems perfectly comfortable and in control. Yep, he sure looks and acts like a raging racist, doesn’t he?

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