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Trump Schedule || Saturday, January 13, 2018

The president is at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. He has no public schedule.


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11 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Saturday, January 13, 2018”

  1. Getting tired of all these trips to Florida. I was hoping that after his Christmas vacay that he’d at least hold off on going there until Easter. My buddy is the senior enlisted Marine and company 1stSgt of the Marines at Camp David and they’d love to have him up there. Hell, hang out at the White House, it has everything anyone could possibly want.

    1. Like a lot of former Presidents, MrTrump goes home during the breaks. Home, where he lives/lived.
      The Obamas had no real home, they had a place in Chicago, but the SS was wary of them staying in such a violent city.
      Look at it this way – while the Obamas flew hither and yon for their vacations, MrTrump goes home.

        1. I voted for him and I still support him. That doesn’t preclude me from criticizing him. As for “down time” he just got back from 2 weeks of down time the week before. He needs to visit some military bases. Maybe a trip to see the troops in Afghanistan or Iraq and get a first hand look.

  2. Why does he need to escape to that shithole every weekend? These trips cost taxpayers a huge amount. Obama never took that many vacations & trips. Btw, Trump’s home is NYC. But Dotard is too afraid to encounter all those protestors.

    Even on weekdays his schedule is light, which in retrospect, might not be a bad thing. He has less chances for bad mouthing things.Fatso can yell at TV all day.

    1. “Even on weekdays his schedule is light”

      You might want to take a look at President Boyfriend’s schedule during his eight years in office and get back to us.

  3. Juan, I’ll bet you’d love to live in a “shithole” like Mar-a-Lago. This is not a vacation for President Trump. He has the weekend off, just like millions of working people. As for Trump having a light schedule, I’ll bet he works harder than you do every day.

    1. “Juan” spends his days thinking of different names to post under. And he’s too stupid to realize he gives himself away with the way he writes and certain phrases he repeats.

  4. I don’t begrudge the President going “home” on occasion. However, after he criticized Obama for so much travel and golf, he really should pay attention to the optics. He doesn’t need to give the Dems any other reasons to lambaste him.

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