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Trump Appears to Deny “Shithole” Comment

President Trump today tweeted that he had used “tough” language during a meeting on immigration Thursday, but he appeared to deny that he had used the term “shithole” to describe Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries.

18 thoughts on “Trump Appears to Deny “Shithole” Comment”

    1. I would like a source and no one has come up with one. So CNN can say what they want and give no source. That seems to happen a lot lately. Even if he said it, I do no care.

      The MSM has a vendetta against Trump and will do anything to bring him down. Lionel Nation & Mark Dice had great vids on this topic today on FB for those interested.

  1. Have any of the aforementioned countries NOT been proven to be S-holes? The President could have used more flowery language, but I agree with him 100%.

  2. Look at all the diseases that America hasn’t seen in well over 50 years that now Americans are experiencing.
    If you can’t drink the water, you have dysentery, cholera, and wash children in cow or camel urine I’d say that country qualifys as a s**thole.

  3. Progs believe that people in shithole countries are victims and as soon as they touch American soil they become Americans with American values.

    But they arrive here with their own culture intact. They are glad to leave what they dislike and wish to continue what served them.

    This is why Mexican illegal alien advocates cannot accept that illegals did anything wrong. Laws mean little in their country, people lie, people bribe, people simply avoid the law if it doesn’t serve their immediate (and family interests).

    The argument “but I work hard at my stolen job” or “I’ve worked at my illegal job for 20 years” or “I enjoy spending time with my brother, so I bribed a coyote to bring him here” are lawless arguments.

    Progs are addicted to the emotion. They all wish to have been here during the Civil Rights Movement.

    1. You’re right about them being addicted to emotion – a perfect example being the “Dreamers” moniker…purposely conjured up to elicit sympathy.

  4. Courtesy of Tucker Carlson on Twitter…

    Option A: El Salvador isn’t a “s**thole,” so they don’t need 17 years of Temporary Protected Status, and migrants from there should be sent home immediately.

    Option B: El Salvador is, in fact, a “s**thole.”

    1. Thank you, Marcus. I sometimes don’t even want to give the media the clicks from a search result to find out the truth under their Fake News junk.

      You believe Tom Cotton, and I choose to believe you. Nobody on WHD has ever lied to me, but the media and corrupt politicians do every day.

  5. So when I explain to my children that the nations that Trump referred to were, essentially, Third World countries, they will look at me with perplexed faces.

    Then I will use the term that I would use – Craphole – “like your bedroom” to explain to them. Then they would know.

    Harry S Truman and Calvin Coolidge (among some others) were not going to take 100 words to say something when a few would do.

    Trump got the to the point and made the point. People in ‘Merica are actually saying “Yeah – He’s right – Why should we want to take people from S*hole countries.

    1. My favorite “Silent” Cal story.
      At some function, maybe at the White House Cal was approached by a woman who said “I made a bet that I could get you into a conversation”.
      “You lose” was his response, and walked away.
      That’s how I remember the story.

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