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McAuliffe Says He’d Deck Trump if Trump Got In His Space

McAuliffe, the Democratic governor of Virginia, is likely to run for president in 2020. That apparently would be the same year he might be facing assault charges.

7 thoughts on “McAuliffe Says He’d Deck Trump if Trump Got In His Space”

  1. Good grief. Neither MrTrump or this idiot could punch their way out of a wet paper bag.

    ot: The WSJ claims that a Trump lawyer paid a porn star $100+K not to tell the story of their affair that happened 12 years ago.
    I guess we can assume that she wasn’t underage or harassed, so other than a means to embarrass MrTrump, the WSJ joins the legion of disturbed anti-Trumpers.
    Imagine, the WSJ no better than the trashiest tabloid available at the check out stands.
    Is there no self-respect left in the political journalists world?

    1. The story did the rounds last year and was denied then, and she’s denied it again and has signed a statement to that effect. She met him at a golf event a couple of times, along with many others, and that’s about it. Another Soros effort, no doubt.

  2. I would almost like to see McAwful give it a whirl, and watch Trump’s security guys take him apart piece by piece. ‘Twould be worth the price of admission just for that.

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