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Video || Robert De Niro Goes Off on Profane Tirade Against Trump

What a classy gentleman. We definitely need more Hollywood influence in politics.

Unfortunately, even if people don’t take the political opinions of most of the Hollywood elite too seriously, these are the ones who are creating and guiding our culture.

This guy.

8 thoughts on “Video || Robert De Niro Goes Off on Profane Tirade Against Trump”

  1. Three “F”s in and I don’t want to hear anymore.
    He did claim that the “whole world is suffering..” because of MrTrump.
    How do they come up with claims like that – who is it who is suffering besides NoKo and a bunch of sore loser Dems/Libs/MSM crybabies.

    He certainly can have his opinion on anything, but we all owe a modicum of respect for the POTUS.

  2. “Meet The Fockers” and gangster movie crapola for the last twenty years.



    Standard Trump Derangement Syndrome outburst from the zillionaire artsy elites in NYC.

    Wow. So brave too, in front of that hostile audience.

    Someone should make a film about his artistic courage.

  3. Actors have been considered low lifes for a long time, and De Niro proves the point. In the mid-1580s, actors were already marked as undesirables by England’s vagrancy laws, which mandated that traveling acting troupes had to find aristocratic patronage. Rogue players ran the risk of being flogged, branded, and finally hanged. Even playwrights scorned them. “Yes, trust them not,” Shakespeare is reputed to have said. Shakespeare himself was an actor (a period of his life he was ashamed of) for about 15 years before becoming a playwright, so he knew a thing or two about actors. Robert Greene, a playwright and contemporary of Shakespeare said: “the common opinion of actors is that they are unlearned, unrefined, and generally untrustworthy.” De Niro and the rest of the Hollywood trash fit the bill perfectly.

  4. Watching/listening/reading any media broadcasted or published after 1964 is nearly impossible. Most music composed after 1915 is also hard to take. The same goes for a lot of art. The original American culture ceased to exist with ‘Colonel’ Edward Mandel House & comrades in the White House.

  5. Big talk from a washed up actor who hasn’t had a decent movie in years, and plays roles in crap films like “Meet the Fockers” for money. Focker is right.

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