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Chamber of Commerce Looking to Quash Anti-Establishment Candidates

With the defenestration of Steve Bannon, the Washington establishment believes it is on a roll and is vowing to support the status quo that Donald Trump was sent to Washington to overturn.

Lobbyists, pro-amnesty, and pro-deep state types have to be ecstatic. Lots of expense account lunches are being lined up so that the government handouts to business can continue rolling.

From the Washington Times:

Looking to avoid a repeat of the Alabama Senate race, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Wednesday it will get involved in Republican primaries, using its considerable influence and war chest to try to stop the surge of right-wing, anti-Washington candidates.

Chamber President Thomas J. Donohue said they’ve been pushed to take a more active role in order to counter right-wing rabble-rouser Steve Bannon and others who are trying to recruit nominees who will challenge establishment Republicans.

“We’re going to spend a whole lot of money when we have an unsafe seat and a candidate that we believe is more interested in disrupting the process than governing and fixing the process,” Mr. Donohue said, suggesting they would spend at least as much as the $29 million invested in 2016.

The Chamber of Commerce is not trying to fix the process. The Chamber of Commerce IS the process.

6 thoughts on “Chamber of Commerce Looking to Quash Anti-Establishment Candidates”

  1. This is like a joke or something, right? The CofC doesn’t like the way the economy is going under MrTrump’s agenda, want all those regulations reinstated, need more illegal aliens to do the grunt work or drain the taxpayer’s purse?
    oh oh, I get it! They want the corporate tax rate raised back to where it was!
    Say it ain’t true, Keith.

  2. The Chamber has not been a friend to American small business for a long time. I knew this when we owned a small business. We joined their nemesis NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business.

  3. Don’t forget that the Chamber of Commerce lobbies very hard in Washington for open borders to increase the number of cheap labor illegal immigrants. Helps reduce the cost of doing business for their membership. That’s what the CofC is all about.

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