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Bannon’s Popularity Plummets

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s popularity among Republicans dropped dramatically after he was attacked by President Trump following revelations in a new book by Michael Wolff, “Fire and Fury,” that Bannon had criticized Donald Trump Jr.

The poll was taken before Bannon was fired from Breitbart.

According to Politico:

According to findings released Wednesday, only 19 percent of GOP voters said they had a favorable view of the former White House chief strategist, a 13-percent drop in favorability from a little less than a month prior, when 32 percent registered approval of him. The survey was conducted last Thursday and Friday, just after Bannon’s public falling out with the White House on Wednesday.

Forty-six percent of Republicans who were surveyed registered an unfavorable view of Bannon, a 17-percent increase from the last poll, taken Dec. 14-18. Overall, 51 percent of voters registered an unfavorable view of Bannon, while 14 percent gave a favorable assessment. Thirty-five percent said they did not know or had no opinion.

Bannon doesn’t quit, though, and he’ll be back. How far back is anyone’s guess, but it will depend in part on whether Trump gets too cozy with the Republican establishment in Washington and the GOP base becomes disenchanted with the president and begins to think more highly again of Bannon. Or, alternatively, whether Trump stays popular and reembraces Bannon, which is always a possibility with Trump.

11 thoughts on “Bannon’s Popularity Plummets”

  1. Bannon thought he was using Wolff to get at Trump, but in the end it was Wolff who was using Bannon to get at Trump, but he will probably settle for getting rid of Bannon. Why could Bannon not see this eventuality?
    That sounds a bit confusing the way I have written it, but the law of unintended consequences for Bannon. Risky game.

  2. He will be back….. remember..

    2011 Anthony Weiner falls from grace (leave it at that)
    2013 Almost became NYC Mayor
    2017 Going to Jail……
    2019 Watch him pop out of jail…
    2020 Watch him get elected…

    If this seems plausible… Then know that Bannon will be back.

  3. So, 19% of Repubs favor him as a gadfly, a Benedict Arnold, an actor, journalist, crazy loon, what?
    It’s hard to imagine who would commission such a survey and for what purpose, much less admit that it was done by printing it in Politico.

  4. As despicable as Obama was his one quality was that he remained loyal to those who supported him through his campaigns/elections.

    Republicans eat their own and to date I’ve yet to see an ounce of loyalty displayed by Trump towards anyone other than the two who are least qualified and who cause the most chaos; specifically, the Kushner Kids.

    1. So today you’re “Kathleen”? Can’t keep up with your multiple personalities on here, but the talking points are always the same.

  5. Keep your eyes on Cory Gardner (Republican?) senator from Colorado. He has promised to block all of Trump’s judicial nominations. He must be smoking the stuff he is pissed about. As far as I know, pot is still illegal under federal law. Once conservative Colorado is now so liberal, thanks largely to the California influence.

  6. Bannon has been hanging around and meeting with a character called Miles Kwok aka Guo Wengui. Google him. Photos of him with Kwok at meetings on twitter.

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