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Trump Gets “Mainly Cheers” at College National Football Championship

While much of the coverage I saw of President Trump’s appearance at the national college football championship Monday night highighted one Alabama player’s decision to yell “F%!& Trump,” the president was in fact warmly received for the most part.

From the pool report:

President Trump came onto the field around 8:10 PM, flanked by a number of ROTC officers. He was greeted with a loud and mixed roar, which sounded like mainly cheers, smattered with some boos.

Here’s some video, you can decided for yourself. He also sang part of the national anthem – starting, then stopping, then starting again – which led some to speculate he didn’t know the whole thing.

Notice the crowd roaring and loudly starting to sing along when he resumes singing.

Here’s some behind the scenes video taken by someone just before he walked out.

6 thoughts on “Trump Gets “Mainly Cheers” at College National Football Championship”

  1. It took a lot of courage for him to appear at this football game. The hatred seethes from the Dems and there’s always a chance of some nut acting out.

  2. Trump is the only hope at this time against the Deep State.

    Take the red pill and fight along with Q Anon to enlighten your normie friends.
    Q and trump work closely together. kill_rogue on Twitter works with the team as well.
    Short cut to all Q Posting with answers.
    Join Trump and do something for your country!

  3. Lastest Q post

    God FOREVER bless our brave men & women who would give their life to defend this GREAT country. God bless each and every Patriot in the world. Let FREEDOM RING. Q

  4. I would suggest that one look at the notes he did not sing, recognize that much of that song is beyond the vocal range of many people, and that he may have merely wanted to avoid sounding off key in case anyone had a spotlight mike. Not that the Media would have used such to mock him and the anthem or anything like that.

  5. Even if there were some detractors in the crowd (which would be normal) the dominant sense was that of respect, appreciation, & possibly awe.

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