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White House: There’s Likely No Way Back for Bannon

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley was asked today aboard Air Force One about the White House response to Steve Bannon’s statement of contrition about his comments that Donald Trump Jr. had acted in a treasonous and unpatriotic manner by meeting with an associate of the Russian government to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Gidley said:

I don’t believe there’s any way back for Mr. Bannon at this point. It is very obvious that Mr. Bannon worked with Mr. Wolff in this particular book. The President has been very clear on his thoughts; issued a four-paragraph statement about Mr. Bannon. Zero ambiguity in those statements. It was obvious that the book was false and fake. The President pointed to that and also pointed that Mr. Bannon is not in it for the country but instead in it for himself. And those statements still stand.

When you go after somebody’s family, in the manner in which he did — two of the President’s children who are serving this nation, sacrificing in their service — it is repugnant, it is grotesque. And I challenge anybody to go and talk about someone else’s family and see if that person doesn’t come back and come back hard.

There may be no way back for Bannon, but I doubt it, even though Bannon’s attack on the president’s son was a stupid move and Trump is naturally quite insulted. Trump nearly offered Mitt Romney the job of secretary of state, despite the vitriolic attacks Romney launched against Trump during the campaign. And, as I’ve written, if Trump strays to closely into the arms of the likes of Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Chuck Schumer, he may find he needs Bannon to help him get the GOP base to the polls, even if many in the base are furious with Bannon right now.

8 thoughts on “White House: There’s Likely No Way Back for Bannon”

  1. Bannon isn’t stupid but he is quite foolish. He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t apologize. He had to apologize to Trump, et al; but in doing so he appears weak to the infantile narcissistic Trump. He knows this about Trump but fell into the trap anyway. Foolish is as foolish does I guess.

  2. It was only one time. It won’t happen again. She/he meant nothing to me. blah blah.
    Way back? Where?
    The book’s author claims it will bring down Trump’s presidency. Half of the Dems who read this trash believe every word in it. Trump supporters are incensed, looking at Bannon as worse than a traitor.
    Being contrite is a Catholic trait, but there are some offenses too venal to be forgiven with a few Hail Marys or a nice donation to the church.
    Suck it up, Bannon.

  3. There is no ‘at least’ with Romney…. He went after Trump and insulted all loyal GOPers….. Same folks who backed Romney’s worthless butt when he ran.

    Bannon has done more than 1 good thing for Trump in the past… can’t say that for the worthless turd Romney

    PS – I voted for Romney in 2012 also… held my nose…but I did it.

      1. “In the 2012 Election night victory speech, Obama thanked Romney’s parents by name – for their years of public service.”

        You’re too stupid to realize that wasn’t a good thing.

  4. Bret Bair on Fox had a walk-back from Bannon tonight tom the effect that his crack was aimed at Manaforte who “should have known” about the Russians’ penchant for duplicity. The statement said Bannon in no way intended to disparage Don, Jr. Given Wolff’s rep, it would be no surprise to learn that Bannon’s original quote was doctored. Still, a guy as smart as Bannon should have known better than to pop off in front of such a bottom feeder taking notes.

    I hope there can be a truce and that the two can work together. Bannon is a passionate believer in the American system, American citizens, and a flat-out foe of the elite jackals who are screwing over this country for their personal gain.

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