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Video || Stephen Miller and Jake Tapper Sink Their Teeth Into Each Other

Well, this was pretty fascinating viewing, in case you didn’t see it. White House domestic policy advisor Stephen Miller refused to go off his talking points bashing the book by Michael Wolff about the early days of the Trump White House. CNN State of the Union host Jake Tapper accused Miller of essentially going on TV to kiss the president’s ass and cut him off.

Miller is right to be questioning Wolff’s book, of course. Wolff’s credibility has been widely questioned. Beyond his reputation for not being careful with the facts, Wolff admitted he said whatever he needed to say to gain the trust of White House officials, which makes you wonder, if he so thoroughly deceived them, how much is he deceiving us?

One thing that was depressing about this interview was to watch Miller go after Steve Bannon. Bannon’s apparent advocacy for letting Wolff hang around the White House is inexplicable, as are some of the statements Bannon apparently made to Wolff attacking Donald Trump Jr., and so forth. But Bannon and Miller were the closest of allies, and Miller doesn’t deny that Bannon helped get him his job with then-candidate Trump.

At least as of July, Bannon told me, during my interviews with him for my book, Bannon: Always the Rebel, that he and Miller were close and that they continued to think exactly alike. Now, Bannon’s out of favor, and Miller is tearing him apart.

Welcome to Washington.

5 thoughts on “Video || Stephen Miller and Jake Tapper Sink Their Teeth Into Each Other”

  1. No offense to the writer, but we here in fly-over country see things a bit differently.
    Bannon is the “scorned” who tried to use his position inside the WhiteHouse to advance himself, to make himself more important than anyone, and outsmarted himself.
    This book is mostly a payback to those he resents, is jealous of, and to the loss of his once high position.
    Miller seems to be covering his own behind at Bannon’s expense and chagrin.

    There’s still this nagging feeling that what happened, what is written, who’s attacking who is all planned by the Master. The MSM is running wild with this book and overlooking the next step in the great Wall, forgetting about the DACA, the tax reform, and who knows what is going on in Trump’s WhiteHouse.
    As for the notorious book: old time National Enquirer stuff. All that’s missing is the appearance of outerspace aliens looking for victims or the ghost of Elvis wandering down the halls.

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