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Why Trump Needs Bannon

President Trump is courting danger by losing the counsel of Steve Bannon, who helped keep Trump focusing on his populist message during the campaign and his first months in the White House.

From a piece I have running now on the NBC News website:

Washington is a sports-obsessed town — and that’s not a reference to the Redskins or the Nationals. Its sport is politics. And most people, whether journalists or politicians, are focused on who is winning, who is up, and — perhaps most delightedly — who is down.

Steve Bannon’s apparent conversion — at least for now — from the president’s closest political confidant to a “you-are-dead-to-me” outcast is not just a spectacle for analysts who, to use a reality-show title Trump might appreciate, want to figure out who is “the biggest loser.”

It represents the possibility that Trump’s most important adviser — and even, teacher — is heading into the political wilderness. As a result, Trump will be denied access to the voice that, perhaps more than any other, has facilitated his mind meld with the populist Republican base. Lose that connection, and 2020, not to mention 2018, may be lost.

Trump has tried to minimize Bannon’s influence. But, in fact, Bannon first advised Trump and helped mold his populist thinking seven years ago, when a mutual associate, David Bossie, shepherded Bannon over to Trump Tower in 2010 to discuss a possible Trump run for president in 2012.

You can read the rest of the article here.

11 thoughts on “Why Trump Needs Bannon”

  1. Bannon is good to have around, I agree. Would he be content with a less than central role? He reminds me of Gingrich — good to lead a revolution, less able to work in a group. Can he see himself as anything other than the objecting burr under the saddle?

  2. Someone might see MrTrump asking for advice on how to proceed, what is the best way or the best platform from Bannon. Others might see the epitome of a wheeler/dealer getting the object of his quest to agree with him and to support him.
    Anyone paying attention to the “game” could see that voters were tending to the far right, ousting all Dem contenders all across the country. There wasn’t any support from middle class taxpayers for Obamacare, for illegal aliens gaming the system, for a POTUS bowing down to foreign tyrants, and even though the MSM might think MrTrump as a fool or insane and his supporters as dimwitted uneducated idiots, his platform was right on target. Bannon might have reinforced this observation, but MrTrump had jumped on it long before anyone else.

    Donald Trump is unlike any other politician elected to the WhiteHouse – in every way.
    He can speak to the elites, can connect with us yokels in flyover country, convince hardened foreign tyrants that he’s to be feared, encourage relief and gratitude from our friends abroad with his reassurances, and all the while taking incoming flak every day from his own people in the media, or those with big voices.
    A lesser man would be curled into a ball hiding in the closet at the WhiteHouse, whimpering for them to stop! stop! I give up!

    If Bannon has agreed to be the target to deflect some of the incoming aimed at MrTrump, then he is a true patriot. If not, if he’s looking out for his own future, then he gets what he deserves.

    1. “If Bannon has agreed to be the target to deflect some of the incoming aimed at MrTrump, then he is a true patriot. If not, if he’s looking out for his own future, then he gets what he deserves.”

    2. Bannon, like Trump, is his own “one of a kind”– both are sui generis. So we’ve got these two mavericks (in a political sense) tossing each other around the ring for a bit and, of course, the corporate media feeds on the kerfuffle like fish on chum. I do think they’ll kiss and makeup in time. Bannon has now made a mea culpa of sorts, and that’s probably all Trump needed. But, gosh, who knows? We’re charting new ground (which is what’s causing the elites to go all-meltdown all these months) and my compass needle has been spinning crazily in all directions for quite a while. ;+}

        1. Yep. Could be. Trump is playing 3D chess like a pro while his opponents, the media and politicians are still learning how to play checkers.

  3. All I have to comment about is….

    NBC = No Body Cares…

    Now, as to the article…

    Not disputing that Bannon didn’t help Trump, but Bannon fueled many of controversial items in the book, and franky made comments that were out of line for an adviser to make to media.

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