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Video || Trump: DACA Deal Must Include Wall; End to Chain Migration

President Trump puts down tough terms for a deal. But remember, Trump is a dealmaker. This is not his final position, it’s his opening offer.

7 thoughts on “Video || Trump: DACA Deal Must Include Wall; End to Chain Migration”

  1. As you might notice from my writings… I am a Trump guy…. I take him as a package deal…and overall am happy.

    A wall and the end of chain immigration. That is something Trump HAS TO deliver…his base expects it. He has to do it. Period.

    If not, he will begin to lose the base and from there the RINOs are then able to make themselves look worthwhile.

    I know he is the king of hocus pocus…..he better keep his focus…

  2. No more anchor babies as well. They are a Huge deal here in Georgia. Worked in the school system. They have reconfigured the entire curriculum to accommodate while we taxpayers get the bill.

  3. Makes me sick that the DACAs may get legal status. Of course, they can just stay here and pop some anchor babies — that’s a fallback plan.

  4. Dave,

    My mom often said… “You know why they don’t send donkeys to school?…. No one likes a smart ass”

    BTW – would you let us know if at your residence whether or not you lock your doors — or do you leave them open for people to just wander into your abode?

    Our wall will not be like the Democratic Socialists walls and will let people leave if they want.

  5. There is no better way to keep Western man in check mate than to surround him, for 140 years, with non western immigrants who turned from assimilation to antagonation through the expert advise & consent of the Culture critiquers. Good luck to President Trump- sincerely!

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