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Koffler in Politico: Bannon is Not Done Yet

Good morning. I thought you’d like to know I have running in Politico today.

From the piece:

Steve Bannon is no snowflake. He’s a grown man, has serious ideas, and is used to laughing off incoming rhetorical fire. But it’s surprising that so many seem to believe his propaganda line that he attaches to himself, “Honey badger don’t give a $%^t.” He does care, and President Donald Trump’s contention Wednesday that Bannon has “lost his mind” and had “very little to do” with his election are not only false statements, but they will come back to haunt the president. Because now he is going to war with perhaps his most critical conduit – other than himself, of course – to the populist Republican base that put him in office. And if he gets too violently at odds with Bannon and his own base, Trump could find himself with a primary challenge from the populist right in 2020.

It’s not that Trump can’t win a “war” with Bannon. He can. If Bannon is a rock star among the conservative populist base, Trump is still the king. But if the president is Elvis to Bannon’s Ozzy Osborne, well, Ozzy still has his fans. That is, given the closeness of the 2016 election, Bannon doesn’t have to convince all of Trump’s legions of supporters to abandon him. Trump may think he won the popular vote, but he didn’t, and just a few ten thousand votes changed in this state or that, and Trump would have lost the Electoral College. Bannon just has to damage him with the base, not kill all his support. And Bannon and his mega-traffic website, Breitbart, are perfectly capable of doing just that, at the very least.

You can read the rest of the article here on Politico.

12 thoughts on “Koffler in Politico: Bannon is Not Done Yet”

  1. I log on to Brietbart now and then, usually like what I read there.
    Still, I had no idea who Steve Bannon was until someone said he was an important part of the website. Oh. OK.
    There is little or NO personal Bannon support, not even at his website. What is supported and endorsed is the message, the anti-DC elite, deep state, miserable government that we’ve had to endure for years.
    We have our hero, the man we believe will save our country in many ways, and Bannon’s wild accusations put him in the same boat as Pelosi, Scarborough, Clintons, and every other anti-Trump who steps in front of a camera or mike.
    The anti-Trump people say he’s crazy, insane, demented, unfit, ridiculous, a moron, etc. He may be all that, but he’s OUR crazy , insane, demented Uncle Donald and we approve of what he’s doing and trying to do.
    Steve Bannon can go take a long run off of a short pier.

    1. Cont.:
      I read the piece at Politico.
      The last paragraph is where the truth lies; ask the NFL owners if a missile sent to the kneeling players by the President had any affect on their bottom line, caused their ratings to drop in the double digits, then consider what a striking rebuke from MrTrump is doing to Bannon.

  2. I don’t see Bannon going to war with Bannon.

    From my novice take on this, there is some positioning taking place and Trump responded to some statements that were likely close to what Bannon commented about.

    Trim also making clear statement that you don’t attack family.

    Just my take…

    Nice to see you on Tucker show last night Keith.

    Don’t watch it often, but caught that show.

  3. “Trump may think he won the popular vote, but he didn’t, and just a few ten thousand votes changed in this state or that, and Trump would have lost the Electoral College.”

    You have to keep in mind, though, with the improving economy, job market, consumer confidence, business climate, etc. – Trump will pick up some new voters in 2020…I believe he will have a net gain, much to the chagrin of the MSM.

    1. Not just to the chagrin of the MSM, but to the chagrin of the Rove Republicans as well. Which is why they will be glad to lose the House and the Senate this year if it means the Democrats might stand a chance to impeach and remove President Trump.

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