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Trump Approval Rating Hits Five-Month High

After signing the Republican tax bill into law December 22, President Trump’s approval rating reached a level not seen since mid-July, with 39 percent saying they like his performance as president, according to Gallup. It’s not too far off the high of 45 percent he held upon entering office.

Trump maintains the approval of 82 percent of Republicans, 34 percent of independents, and 9 percent of Democrats.

During the same period in 2009, Barack Obama’s approval rating stood at 51 percent.

8 thoughts on “Trump Approval Rating Hits Five-Month High”

  1. 95% unfavorable from the MSM ! Outrageous! Time to get as many as possible to stop watching TV news and move to Websites!
    Twitter – Follow Trump, and Kill_Rogue
    Zero Hedge for general and $$ news
    TV news is fake, but millions of People do not know that. Our job is to get the word out.

  2. Really, with the polls again? Right.
    We should petition President Clinton to have the polling companies release their questions so that………….
    Polls were wrong in 2016. Dang.

  3. How weak is it to still care what Obama’s ratings are? lol… He didn’t even run against him. It just shows how insecure the whitehouse has become… much like the man in it. A parody book cover?… excellent use of national resources.. I can’t respect a guy who cares what people think of him.. it’s as sad as it is hilarious.

  4. Guess the CENSORS didn’t like what I had to say about ‘King’ Donald and his pathetic style of governance because it didn’t make the cut; I didn’t curse or lie – all I did was to give an honest critique of this person (trump) and how he has comported himself in the highest office in the USA. I would remind every citizen that he and his administration work for us, not the other way around. That this person (trump) is unpopular among the masses should not be a surprise to anyone but his most ardent supporters!

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