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Appeasers Grasp at Kim Jong-Un’s Straws

It was classic manipulation by a brutal monster toward his craven victims willing to set aside reality in the prayerful hope that somehow a lion could be convinced of lamb-like ways.

In a ploy of surprising sophistication from the Hermit Kingdom that took only hours to succeed, North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un dressed up in a Western suit and looked quite polished and civilized as he offered talks with South Korea and participation in South Korea’s Winter Olympics – while also promising to continue building an arsenal of nuclear weapons designed to destroy the United States.

Talks! Ah, talks! If we can just convince Kim Jong-Un that we mean him no harm and that we seek cooperation, maybe he’ll start to act nice.

The false hope of appeasers everywhere, and true to form, South Koreas pacifist president Moon Jae-In leaped into Kim’s arms. And Kim’s strategy of dividing the United States and South Korea was already bearing fruit.

“We have already expressed our willingness to engage in a dialogue with North Korea at any time, in any place and in any format, as long as both sides can discuss restoring their relations and peace on the Korean Peninsula,” said a presidential spokesman, Park Soo-hyun.

Unfortunately, with North Korea either able to hit the United States with nuclear weapons or soon in a position to do so, this is not just a South Korean national security problem. And it never was. The United States has a right to defend itself, and a world with hundreds of nuclear weapons maintained by Kim Jong-Un is not a world that will last very long.

Fortunately, we have a president with long experience dealing with tough operators, domestic and foreign, who no doubt understands exactly who Kim Jong-Un is and what he intends. President Trump will not be fooled by this outreach, and, I believe, will act decisively against Kim without the handwringing toward North Korea of Barack Obama, George W. Bush – and that no doubt would have been repeated by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, or Jeb Bush.

I only hope Trump, who has allowed himself to be surrounded by the same establishment types who have been so cautious with North Korea, has not waited too long to act. If there is time, we need to inflict the toughest sanctions we can on China to get it to change North Korea’s actions. I don’t think that will work anyway, but if there is time, we should try. Otherwise, assuming North Korea cannot now reliably blow up Los Angeles, military action of some sort, from regime decapitation to all-out war, must be taken.

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  1. Kim’s western style suit is a new twist. Possible his brain cell whispered, “lets look a little less like a convict, maybe folks will listen to the suit, like they do in America!”

  2. Fat Boy looks like a poorly drawn cartoon character you’d see in a cheap Saturday morning kids’ television show in the 1950’s.

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