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Orrin Hatch to Resign, Anti-Trump Romney Likely to Succeed Him

Sen. Orrin Hatch announced that he will retire from the Senate in in January 2019, providing an opening for Mitt Romney to run for the seat, which he is expected to do.

Romney, as you may remember, led a moral crusade against candidate Donald Trump, casting him as a fraud who would subvert the republic. That is, until Trump considered him for secretary of state, at which point Romney’s sentiments change. No doubt, once in the Senate, he’ll be back on the warpath against Trump, unless in line again for a more powerful position.

8 thoughts on “Orrin Hatch to Resign, Anti-Trump Romney Likely to Succeed Him”

  1. Don’t bet the farm on MittRomney. If he’s thinking the Mormon block vote will get him a pass, uh, no.
    When he ran for President, my Mormon neighbors weren’t all that thrilled with him. Too liberal, I think. ?? dunno why.

    Just sayin’.

    1. Interesting on the Mormon vote. And a bit of a surprise about Romney’s desire to run for Senate, if there’s anything to that at all. It goes to show (again), that being a politician is, for some people, like being a cocaine addict. They get a weird high from their endorphins getting all fired up when they get the attention, the applause, the power, etc.

        1. Too often, a certain kind of person is drawn to politics. They are very dangerous class of people, and have to be kept in chains and ropes and under close watch by the police to protect us from their craziness.

  2. IF… and it is a big IF… If any of this Rex T is out at State stuff is true….

    Trump will put Romney there at State…for a year+…then after a Trumper is elected senator in Utah… Romney will be canned… and out of the picture….friends close..enemies closer deal..

    You heard it here first…

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