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Trump Schedule || Sunday, December 24, 2017

9:00 am || Participates in a Christmas Eve video teleconference with members of the military; Mar-a-Lago, West Palm Beach
4:00 pm || With the first lady, participates in NORAD Santa Tracker phone calls; Mar-a-Lago, West Palm Beach

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9 Responses to Trump Schedule || Sunday, December 24, 2017

  1. I just came by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas — and wish those who do not celebrate Christmas a merry December 25th.

    A merry day is always a good thing.

  2. Isn’t it Merry that we don’t have to be blasted with that old president’s Hawaiian Christmas vacation!
    Island girl, enjoy:)
    AFvet, I hope you’re doing well…?
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.