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Trump May Bring Back Lewandowski, Bossie to His Team

President Trump is considering bringing back into the White House some of the aggressive operatives who fully back his nationalist-populist agenda, as some of the more mainstream establishment characters in the White House depart.

Lewandowski, who ran Trump’s campaign through much of the primaries, remains in regular contract with Trump, according to an article running today in Politico, and there are concerns that Trump’s political operation at the RNC and in the White House is not strong enough to preserve Republican majorities in the House and the Senate.

Also potentially in line for positions are Larry Kudlow, whose ideas animate the tax cut bill that just passed Congress, and former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller. Kudlow might become National Economic Council director if the current director, Democrat Gary Cohn, departs.

Bossie served as a top official in Trump’s general election campaign. Both he and Lewandowski are close to Steve Bannon, and while Bannon’s return to the White House would appear to be unlikely, the presence of Bossie and Lewandowski would enhance his influence with Trump, which he continues to wield during evening telephone calls with the president.

Trump also continues to talk to Reince Priebus, who was fired as chief of staff but maintains Trump’s respect as a political strategist.

Staying put: Ivanka and Jared, Hope Hicks, and Kellyanne Conway, whose influence appears to be on the rise. There’s no word that Chief of Staff John Kelly, who would have to deal with the introduction to the White House of the big personalities who might enter, is on the way out, although the piece mentions Conway as a possible eventual replacement for Kelly.

6 thoughts on “Trump May Bring Back Lewandowski, Bossie to His Team”

  1. Yesterday Trump did a big EO. Child traffickers will now have their assets Froze or confiscated.

    This is big for some peeps like Hillary and Bill. and Podesta. Whom else are rumored to be pedophiles?
    Know as Pizzagate !

  2. Glad to hear this. One of the things that is often forgotten in discussing the various roles President Trump fills, is that as a CEO, he has a long habit of moving people around, quickly and often, to optimize talent with critical need. We will probably continue to see lots of shuffling throughout both his terms. The shuffling will increase if the GOPe will speed up up approving appointments, or just recess regularly so he can move people around on his own best timelines.

    A blessed Christmas to Keith and to all here at WHD ! Thank you for a wonderful year of celebration and looking forward to the next :-)

  3. It’s going to one heck of a Happy New Year.
    Blessings to everyone at WHD.
    And Keith, special thanks for the great articles and the time and effort it takes to post them on WHD

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