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McConnell Blames Bannon for Losing Alabama

“The political genius on display in throwing away a red state in America is hard to ignore,” the Senate majority leader said.

McConnell is right. It took true “political genius” for him, McConnell, to throw away a red state. Republicans in Alabama nominated Roy Moore. He was not a perfect candidate, though Bannon could not have known how imperfect he would be because he did not know about the sexual misconduct allegations before endorsing him. What McConnell did, unprecedented for a Republican national leader was to decide not to provide any financial support for Moore, which undoubtedly supplied the margin of victory – and more – for Democratic Sen.-Elect Doug Jones.

The Senate Republican leadership decided it would be better to have a Democrat win a seat. Given that it could rob conservatives of a Supreme Court pick next year and other initiatives, that’s a remarkable thing.

6 thoughts on “McConnell Blames Bannon for Losing Alabama”

    1. Nope. McConnell cost Republicans that Alabama seat far, far more than Bannon.

      If you were paying attention from the beginning, you’d know that.

  1. The Alabama race was twisted from the get-go. The Repub candidate in a solid red state didn’t need Bannon or MrTrump or anyone to support his candidacy – he should have won by default because there aren’t enough Dems to make a difference.
    Once the big-shots stuck their nose into the contest it just got ugly, the MSM happily jumped in, 40 year old dubious accusations, and admittedly, a not so stellar candidate, so that all the Dem needed to win was McConnell to issue statements of ethic concerns.
    And he did. Stuck a fork in the Repub.

    1. 40 year old “accusations” that everyone kinda knew down there… Where the hell was the Strange campaign researchers/strategists who did not dig this info up earlier and use it against More to get him out of the race earlier?

      1. The whole thing was a smear job.

        Pravda on the Potomac would have just found other “sources” to bribe, if Strange had won the primary. The names would be different, the smears would remain the same.

        I don’t trust a thing I see in The Washington Post anymore. Not even the comics or the crossword clues.

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