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Trump Quietly Reducing Legal Immigration Too

Illegal entries are way down under President Trump because the potential migrants know he is serious about deporting them. But the president has also been taking steps to reduce legal immigration, which has continued at a pace that is too rapid and vast for so many people to be absorbed into the country without adversely altering the culture.

We do have a culture here. It is affected and often enhanced by immigrants, but it is not completely changed by immigrants. Too much immigration too fast, and we lose the culture that has made the country great for more than two centuries.

From the New York Times:

Immigration and State Department officials are more closely scrutinizing, and have started more frequently denying, visas for people seeking to visit the United States on business, as well as for those recruited by American companies, according to lawyers representing visa seekers. Foreigners already in the United States whose employers wish to extend their stay also are facing new hurdles.

The “Buy American, Hire American” order singles out the H-1B visa program . . .

Officials are asking for extra details about applicants’ education and work history, the position to be filled and the employer, requiring the company to amass many additional documents, which can postpone a decision by several months.

For H-1Bs, the number of such “requests for evidence” from January to August this year jumped 44 percent compared with the same period last year, according to the most recent data from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

So far, the government is still greenlighting most H-1B applications that survive the lottery, but the approval rate is inching down.

Other changes affect foreigners already working or living in the United States on H-1Bs or other temporary permits.

Those sponsored by their employers for a green card, or legal permanent residency, must pass in-person interviews, a reversal of a 20-year-old policy that is likely to exacerbate a long backlog in green card applications . . .

The administration said this month that it planned to eliminate a program established during the Obama administration that allows international entrepreneurs to stay in the United States for up to five years. The administration also said it would eliminate a two-year-old program that granted work permits for spouses of H-1B workers. And it recently announced plans to restrict the ability of foreign students to work temporarily in the United States after they graduate.

9 Responses to Trump Quietly Reducing Legal Immigration Too

  1. Time for a moratorium on immigration. We have too many adults here who have no real knowledge of our history and our mainstream culture. Too many who come here only because they can make more money here.

    And millions too many who came here illegally to live as parasites.

    The DACAs, for instance, are in their 20s and 30s. They have chosen to live here for years as illegals and to not create a life for themselves in their legal countries.

    Why should American workers through no fault of their own have to compete with 800,000+ poorly vetted DACAs?

    Any legislator who supports DACA legalization has sided with lawbreakers against American citizens. They need to be told so in clear language that allows no “sob story” sentimentality.

    The next demand with be, “The Dreamer kids need their parents and the Dreamer kids’ kids need their grandparents.”

    • I got into a “discussion/arguement” with a local-yokel politician who supports all ‘immigrants’…I said “illegal immigrants” and she started going off…Then I asked her about “illegal immigration”; is it ok for someone to break into her house and live there taking advantage of her house & money etc? She got all flustered and started babbling like Nancy Pelosi…

      • Absolutely! And the argument that “they’ve been here ten, twenty years, etc.” If a guy hides in my attic and sets up housekeeping there, at what point does his future become my responsibility? his kids become a part of my family? at what point do I become a bad person for wanting him to get out? I sometimes tell people to prop open their doors and windows and see who comes in to join them. They’ll learn the importance of borders very fast.

    • With regards to DACAs…..I might/MIGHT be persuaded to let them stay provided they don’t have a criminal record, etc….HOWEVER, there is no way I would give them the right to petition for other relatives. Give them the right to work in the US permanently. Period. Legal status, which is what they say they want — but no ability to further lengthen the chain.

      • The problem is “what is a criminal record?” Some argue that coming here is breaking a law, not a criminal act.

        And the line some draw over violent versus non-violent offenses — is it worse to hit someone in a bar fight or to drive drunk or peddle poisonous addictive drugs to people? The first is violent, the second and third are not, so drunk drivers and drug dealers qualify and the one-punch guy is disqualified.

        The best thing is to accept no sob-story. You would not get that accommodation in any court, so why should Dreamers get legal status because their parents are law-breakers? They are the thin edge of the wedge of amnesty because among them are a few valedictorians and people in the armed forces. The next groups will be cried up as “involved in their churches,” “helps with local charities,” “has opened their own business (illegally), and so forth.

        There’s a millions sob-stories about breaking the law. Why bother having laws? Because without them we have opportunistic chaos.