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One More Year of Mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation could stretch well into 2018, possibly not concluding until the end of the year, according to the Washington Post.

From the article:

People with knowledge of the investigation said it could last at least another year — pointing to ongoing cooperation from witnesses such as former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and former national security adviser Michael Flynn, as well as a possible trial of two former Trump campaign officials. The special counsel’s office has continued to request new documents related to the campaign, and members of Mueller’s team have told others they expect to be working through much of 2018, at a minimum.

President Trump is under the impression things are going to wrap up soon. He will be disappointed.

When pressed by two advisers to take the matter more seriously and asked why he is so confident in his lawyers, Trump brushed off the concerns. “He is living in his own world,” the person said, predicting that Trump would erupt at some point in 2018 if the probe continued to drag on.

Working in Trump’s favor is that Mueller supposedly gets that he shouldn’t be hamstringing a president and should at least clear Trump as soon as possible, even if the overall investigation continues.

But he’ll have human nature tugging him the other way. With unlimited time and unlimited resources, Mueller and his Democrat-heavy, anti-Trump investigators will continually be coming up with new morsels of information and think, “Gosh, let’s take a bite out of that! Delicious!”

Republicans have every reason, each one given to them by Mueller’s own team, to suspect bias in the process and are correctly broadcasting their concerns to the American people. This has a couple of effects.

According to Alan Dershowitz, Meuller is very concerned with his reputation. He no doubt chafes at criticism that his probe is biased, and the GOP attacks may prod him to rule in Trump’s favor on close calls. “The great Red Auerbach, former coach of the Boston Celtics, once told me that when he screams loudly at officials, he generally gets the next close call in his favor,” Dershowitz writes.

The attacks on Mueller also could set Trump up to try to justify issuing pardons or even firing Mueller. But the latter would be a bad political choice, not only because it will energize the Democratic base even further, but because it will give Mueller’s investigators every reason to leak every salacious, unconfirmed detail they’ve managed to uncover, including stuff completely unrelated to the investigation. And I’m certain they’ve come up with a lot. The drip drip will go on right through Election Day, 2020. And some moderates and even conservatives may be concerned that the rule of law has been undermined.

4 Responses to One More Year of Mueller

  1. There is no crime to investigate that relates to MrTrump and the Russian regime.
    He talked to someone, they talked to someone, so what?
    What in the world is this investigation looking for that hasn’t been talked to death by everyone isn’t clear.

  2. If I were Trump, I would immediately appoint a special investigator, with unlimited time, budget and latitude to investigate the Obama administration, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and her phony charity, James Comey and the FBI, the IRS, as well as John Brennan, former head of CIA. And I’d stack if full of Republican operatives with conflicts of interest.