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Video || CNN Roasts Trump for Using “Sippy Cup” Grip on Water

Okay, so the guy cradled his water cup with two hands. Obviously, he didn’t want to drop it for fear that if he did people would say he has neurological issues and is dying of a combination of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and probably had a stroke as well.

And of course, if he let his mouth get too dry, he would end up saying “United Shtates” agai, and Joe Scarborough would be calling for his removement under the 25th Amendment.

But it’s fine, CNN is just having a little fun.

However, let’s be clear, there is no comparison between the Trump water break Monday during his national security speech and Marco Rubio’s during the response he gave to an Obama State of the Union address. Let’s have a look.

Here is Trump, taking in his water. Two hands, yes, but confident and unapologetic.

Now look at Rubio. Notice the growing fear in his eyes as he realizes his mouth is getting dry. Frightened, worried “how this will look,” he grabs the bottle of water, moving so quickly and guiltily that he looks like he is stealing it from a dehydrated child. Or like a gazelle taking a last sip out of the waterhole before a pack of lions descends on him from just behind the camera.

20 Responses to Video || CNN Roasts Trump for Using “Sippy Cup” Grip on Water

  1. My President is 70+ years old, under a lot of stress, so I don’t care if he DID use a sippy cup to get a drink of water. He can use a cane or a walker, he can have a mystery man follow him around as Hillary did, he can do or use anything that keeps him going, so long as he keeps going forward with the agenda to MAGA.
    Speaking for the voters at CasaSrDem, we are so pleased with his accomplishments so far and have great hopes for the future that nothing the MSM/Dem/idiot class can say about him will change our minds.

  2. These people are just disgusting. The Prog prejudice toward Trump is getting so old that I have trouble listening to guest Progs on conservative shows.

    I want them to just shut up.

    • Not watching them would do wonders. Listening to birds tweet, dogs bark, music playing on the radio or jackhammers jackhammering are all more enjoyable options..

  3. Ha Ha FDR hid his medical problems. JFK hid his back brace. HRC hiding her medical problems.

    MORE insane news from the LEFT. Is that all they got???

  4. Do something real dear readers! Tweet Obama and tell him he is the worst president ever.
    And tell him he is not longer important and not the President.

  5. Obviously these posable robotic blow-up dolls that play ‘news anchor people’ have not been programmed to understand that as actual humans age, their hands & wrists can weaken with arthritis and/or many decades of usage. Any one watching these clowns deserve their stupidity.

  6. It’s just another example of the black propaganda tactic used by CNN and the other progressive “news” sites. These media fascists and their Congressional counterparts have two principals goals:

    1. Constantly ridicule the behavior of President Trump to create the illusion that there is “something wrong” him (application of the 25th Amendment, folks. We’ll be hearing the anti-American lefties talk a lot about that in the very near future. They are trying to soften us up for that national conversation)

    2. The impeachment of President Trump based on all sorts of charges. The Soros-funded media and their political goons are already working on their list of impeachable charges, no doubt. Right now I’m forecasting the impeach Trump circus will spin up and spill out all over the media countryside around April-May 2018. Maybe sooner.

    The problem is, of course, no one believes the corporate media when they talk about Trump, or the talking points of the Pelosi-Schumer propaganda machine ant-American cabal. Everyone with at least two working brain cells can see what’s going on.

  7. It’s not just the MSM here in the U.S. The BBC is as pro-Dem; anti GOP as any of the foregoing. Stay on your own side of “the pond” as you so quaintly named it. You don’t vote here and we do. Well, many of us anyhow.

  8. I have a person at my church that drinks with 2 hands. I thinks it’s a thing with age at times.

    So what? How does drink water determine anything about a person? Talk about “bullying.”

  9. What is truly disturbing in this thing is the idea that a relative handful of hateful trolls on twitter constant and drive a story. “Twitter outrage” is little more than a fart in the wind of what is going on in the world, and news organizations (using that moniker lightly) gobble it up.

  10. CNN gladly makes fun of Trump, but they completely ignored, and continue to ignore Hillary’s ongoing medical issues, and Nasty Pelosi’s constant freezing, slurring, and vacant eyed press conferences. CNN is no better than the so-called news anchors at the BBC or the CBC, all of them are vile, unbelievable, and devoid of any real news, it’s non-stop Trump and America bashing 24hours a day.