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Senate Democrat: Tax Bill Harms National Security, Debt

Leading Senate Democrat Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut noted that Republicans were “ramming” the complex tax bill through Congress and that it could harm national defense while driving up the deficit.

Appearing on CNN, Blumenthal said:

It does, in fact . . . tilt the benefits in favor of the wealthiest and corporations,and more egregiously, it creates trillions of dollars in debt for our children and our grandchildren. It threatens our national defense. Mke Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, once said, famously, that the biggest threat to our national security is our national debt, because it undermines our ability to acquire those weapons systems and train young men and women for our military.’ It also undermines Medicare, potentially, and Social Security.

Now please, Blumenthal, spare us the crocodile tears about the military and the debt, which Barack Obama and the Democrats have done more to undermine tham anyone. But how wrong is Blumenthal? I don’t know, are you excited about this tax cut? I’m not particularly thrilled. Do we need it so badly?

Even conservative economists will tell you that tax cuts do not completely “pay for themselves.” And the deficits will get run up before the “feedback” of revenues occurs, harming our ability to pay for increased defense, which we need now. And whatever the economic benefits, in an era when Republicans and independents just sent a reformer to the White House who was supposed to “drain the swamp,” this tax cut is filled with big and little benefits for corporate lobbyists who are the ones that fill the swamp.

One nice feature is that it somewhat stealthily destroys Obamacare by eliminating the individual mandate. That might be worth the price of admission.

11 Responses to Senate Democrat: Tax Bill Harms National Security, Debt

  1. They hypocrisy is mind numbing. When Democrats were pushing through Obamacare – the Republicans were calling foul and didn’t vote for it. Negative predictions on Obamacare ended up being mostly accurate. The deficit grew enormously when President Obama was in office. Who really knows what will happen with the coming changes to the tax code. All I know is that no one (not even the wealthiest) should have to pay such high percentages in taxes. If you live in high tax states like California it just keeps getting worse. The real kicker is spending – one can only hope that there will be something done about that. Not overly optimistic, but we can at least hope. I read yesterday that Conn. has a huge deficit and are contemplating raising taxes again. There is a limit – even if you are wealthy. You wonder, how do these states get into these situations (most of them liberal states). It’s because the masses aren’t informed and if something sounds good they vote for it. The greed in society is unbelievable. You gotta start somewhere – maybe this is where you start and then hopefully proceed from there.

  2. Let it pass. Americans are due for something good to lean on, something that’s good and universal.
    If a family only saves $5, that’s more than anything the Obama regime could do for us.
    The Dem Senator conveniently ignores the fact that there is no national budget, nothing to point at as a goal. Our government just prints and spends as it pleases, regardless of income received.
    Can we please have a happy holiday at the end of a most unhappy year for everyone? Pass the dang thing, let the chips fall wherever.

    • Totally agree. How about a few crumbs? This unhappy last year was caused by the left. (I never use the term liberal) They won’t let it go. In this boomer’s life, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. We had eight miserable years before and I lived with it. BTW, I don’t consider myself an R or D.

  3. Two words: Cut spending.
    But nobody wants their pet projects cut do they?
    Americans want relief and yet they don’t want to face the hard part of having to make a sacrifice.
    The tax code itself needs to be overhauled and made simpler. Nobody wants to do that. The rich really do need to pay more of their money into the coffers and the low income people need to contribute too.
    The middle class is always left holding the bag.

    • I agree with most of your thoughts, but differ when it comes to who pays what – let’s go with across the board rates.
      10%, 20%, whatever, everybody kicks in.
      No deductions, no nothing.

  4. For a party the despises the military and never cutting anything or anykind, it’s so heart warming to see them care. I write this as I choke and gag on the hypocrisy. Can’t ppl see the government never goes without, hence the $20 trillion in debt?

  5. Cry me the Thames River, Senator. Or, even better, go jump in it.

    The way you wastrels ran the national debt up while Wicked King Barry was running the show, astronomers ought to start using “economical” to describe something bigger than the night sky.