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Video || Trump and His Family Celebrate Hanukkah

“The miracle of Hanukkah is the miracle of Israel.”

Of course, most of my fellow Jews oppose him, and many despise him. But Donald Trump is the first president of the United States who has a significant portion of his family that is Jewish and who has a love and respect for Israel in his heart.

6 Responses to Video || Trump and His Family Celebrate Hanukkah

  1. I don’t have any Jewish friends and the attorney we use for family stuff is an Irishman, so it’s just curious to me why the Jewish community would have such harsh feelings towards MrTrump.
    If there ever was a POTUS who stands with the Jewish people, who would protect them from the unhinged attacks from any quarter, it would be D.T.Trump.
    IMO, the Dems would throw every Jew under the bus just because.

    • Happy Hanukkah! I’m proud of Donald Trump. We should never forget that when Obama hosted Hanukkah or Passover events, he would end up lecturing Israel and the (very same) American Jewish citizens who today despise Trump.

    • srdem: A topic of conversation for many decades. Why, you ask.

      The 70%, I think that’s the percentage that voted Obama, have pledged their faith to liberalism. It is their ‘golden calf’. They are the generational off-spring of FDR Dems, who never heard the name of Cordell Hull.

  2. Some call it the bible, some call it the word of God, some read it as a history book. I know this much, after being a student of the book for many years, if you remove the Jew Hebrew Israelites from the book you would have a book of blank pages.Protestants never protested the Jews. They protested the corruption of the teachings by Rome. In my view.