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Omarosa Denies Being Dragged Out of the White House

A very calm and reasonable-sounding Omarosa Manigault Newman Thursday denied being dragging kicking and screaming out of the White House after being fired by White House Cheif of Staff John Kelly.

“I resigned, and I didn’t do that in the residence as being reported,” she told Good Morning America. “We had a very candid conversation” in the Situation Room, she said of her talk with Kelly. “I wanted to make the one-year mark … and get back to my life.”

“I like to hear all of these interesting tales,” she said, “but I have to tell you they’re 100 percent false.”

Several media outlets have reported that she was enraged when dismissed the evening of Roy Moore’s defeat in the Alabama Senate race. Omarosa opposed Trump’s support for Moore.

According to the Daily News:

Sources told multiple outlets, including the Daily News, that Kelly fired the former “Apprentice” villain, who became enraged when she was dismissed.

The longtime Trump confidant reportedly tripped an alarm at the White House residence in a bid to speak with the President.

She first tried to reason with senior aide and first daughter Ivanka Trump, CBS News reported, but had no luck.

Somehow Manigault Newman made it to the residences — usually a closed-off area — in a bid to speak with President Trump. Instead, she set off the alarms and was escorted out of the building, according to reports.

In the interview, Omarosa said she’s going to be quiet for now but promised to dish in the future about her role as the only black woman among President Trump’s top advisors.

11 Responses to Omarosa Denies Being Dragged Out of the White House

  1. I highly doubt that this conversation between Omarossa and Gen Kelly took place in the Situation Room as she states. She would have a better chance of walking into Ft Knox than she would have getting in or near the SitRoom.

  2. It was only a matter of time until the “racists” showed their true colors in the White House, right?
    Kicked her right out the door, she begged for a hearing with the President but the heartless thugs dragged her to the parking lot.
    Cue up the Congressional Black Caucus, Sharpton and the BLM.
    Sources again. Anonymous sources.
    Not buying it.
    No one gets fired “next month”, even in the Trump WhiteHouse.

  3. I’d say they appreciated her contributions to the campaign and tried to find a place for her on the WH staff, but she really is more of a celeb-wannabe than a staff member.

    I really hope she finds whatever it is that she wants – something keeps her restlessly moving along.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of Omarosa. She’s a STRONG BEAUTIFUL woman who hasn’t had it easy but her strength has always endured. I wish her every future success. Too bad she resigned. She was a very talented woman with so much to offer the PRESIDENT.

    • She does seem to sabotage herself when she gets an opportunity. I hope that she can find something that gives her lasting joy. Her contributions to the campaign were great.

  5. She probably wants out of Washington. That place is hideous. Trump got her to where she is. She probably got a big book deal. People need to research the Clintons back to Arkansas. (If you can;) I had a friend that was growing up in Little Rock when the C’s were governor. I learned so much. I was clueless for years. They are pros…..