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Video || Rod Rosenstein Grilled by House Judiciary Republicans

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday said he saw no reason to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and, as per statute, he therefore would not do so if told to by President Trump

How did we get in a situation where Rosenstein, a confirmed swamp creature who has been in and around the Justice Department all his life, was permitted to appoint fellow swamp creature Robert Mueller to investigate, among other things, the firing of a third swamp creature, former FBI Director James Comey, by the man who is also a de facto target of the probe, Donald Trump, who was ELECTED TO DRAIN THE SWAMP??

Here’s some video from Rosenstein’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. What an unlikable seeming character he is.

3 Responses to Video || Rod Rosenstein Grilled by House Judiciary Republicans

  1. How? The newly sworn in Trump had no one helping him except his small cadre and not the big organization that usually works these things.
    The Repubs were standoffish, refusing to help change things, so all MrTrump had was outsiders.

    He thought they would come together, but by the time he figured they would be worse than the Dems, it was too late.
    He could still fire the whole bunch of them, but he can’t touch the dug in deep minions who push the paper around.

    The Repubs in DC adopted a bull-headed attitude that hasn’t lessened over the months.
    They might think their constituents want this, maybe some do, but Congress is wasting a golden opportunity to shift the power in DC that might never come again.

  2. Where there is smoke, there if fire. It went from “no contact with Russians” to “okay, some contact but it was about adoptions” to “yes, collusion, but the President’s inner circle didn’t know about it” to “collusion is okay because Hillary.” If they have nothing to hide, why the constant lies?