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Trump: “Deck was Stacked Against” Moore

President Trump this morning tweeted out an effort to salvage some measure of victory from Tuesday night’s loss in Alabama, saying defeated Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was playing at a disadvantage and that he was right about endorsing Moore’s GOP primary opponent Sen. Luther Strange.

Well, it’s true the deck was stacked against Moore. Both the Democrats and the GOP establishment opposed him. But all the reporting I’ve seen suggests Trump regretted endorsing Strange. Whatever the circumstances, a win is a win, and a loss is a loss. Trump was all in by the end for Roy Moore. He lost. And it’s bad political news for Trump, though not nearly the disaster some are suggesting. I’ll have more to say about the Alabama election in a few minutes.

2 Responses to Trump: “Deck was Stacked Against” Moore

  1. In a strange ( pun intended) turn of political events, this may bode well for the GOP in the long run. Lost a seat, yep. It will make lawmaking harder but not impossible.

    Bonus: The Dems will not have Judge Moore to kick around any more, which means, move on, this episode is over, and we don’t have to listen to long commentary on what Congress should do with Moore. Allegations against him were very disturbing, and he should have stepped aside…. Now he is an asterisk in history. Trump backing Moore was questionable, risky. Now he does not have to live day to day with that decision. That’s good.

    Will the investigation into Moore’s past continue? My bet is we hear almost nothing after today.


  2. What ever happened to the ‘new morality’ – where a man need not afford a wife or a prostitute – of which many in the hep/c generational cosmopolitician cesspool (men & women) gladly partook?!