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Trump Repeatedly Sexually Harassed Ted Cruz, Saying He’d “Do Anything”

President Trump repeatedly and gruesomely sexually harassed Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, White House Dossier has learned, sending out tweets in January 2016 suggesting that Cruz would have sex with Goldman Sachs and that Cruz and Jeb Bush would use their bodies to maintain political power.

The shocking harassment was repeated Tuesday when some of the most profound minds in journalism and politics recognized similar language in a widely criticized tweet Trump made about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

In that tweet, Trump alleged Gillibrand would “do anything” – “anything,” obviously, including sex – for his campaign contributions back when he was in the private sector.*

*No double entendre intended by use of the term “private sector.”

Shockingly, Trump used the very same language in reference to Cruz and Jeb Bush.

Some astute observers noticed Trump’s use of the term “begging” – in quotes – with respect to Gillibrand, phrasing which obviously somehow has something to do with sex. White House Dossier can now reveal that Trump in fact used the same term in July 2013 when he accused the Obama administration of offering to have sex with Russia in order to secure the release of Edward Snowden.

Fortunately, within hours of Trump’s sexist tweet about Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, a Native American senator from the state of Massachusetts, picked up on the insult and tweeted that Gillibrand would not be “slut shamed.”

White House Dossier, which prides itself on performing accountability – I mean doing accountability – I mean, oh forget it – will continue to monitor Trump’s tweets for sexy language.

H/T Fox News and Mark Levin.

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  1. Hey Keith you are making for a fun night while we wait for Alabama results. My husband would do anything for a beer. Must be the full bodied type. No watered down stuff acceptable here!

  2. I heard that SenCruz was sleeping with someone who works for Goldman/Sachs, yeah – yep.

    Don’t know how one has sexual relations with a country, but the LBGTqwerty crowd probably has a ‘letter’ for them, too.

  3. That USA article is to die for, run to a safe space!! Scary how some people “think”. And Obama can clean his own toilets now since he has nothing better to do.