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Trump: Gillibrand Used to “Do Anything” for His Contributions

President Trump Tuesday fired back at Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., who has called for Trump’s impeachment, saying she used to come running to him for money but is “now in the ring fighting against Trump.”

Gillibrand, who appears to be positioning herself for a presidential run in 2020, has suggested Trump should be removed from office over allegations of past sexual misconduct.

No doubt pleased with the platform of a Twitter fight with the president that Trump has given her, Gillibrand soon tweeted back with a defiant, “You can’t silence me.”

Gillibrand is smart. She is seizing the banner of feminist opposition to Trump, something that will stand her in good stead in the Democratic primaries and help tons of cash pour into her campaign.

13 Responses to Trump: Gillibrand Used to “Do Anything” for His Contributions

  1. Don’t know anything about her, don’t care.
    She wants the duly elected POTUS to resign because some women got their feelings hurt or didn’t like what might have happened 30 years ago – pfft.
    If she had any integrity at all, she would insist that Al Franken resign, forthwith, before demanding MrTrump abandon his sworn duty.
    Franken is still there, sitting in the Senate, but the Repub congressman accused of being creepy has already resigned and the AZ governor has declared a special election date to replace him.

    • Update: The MSM and the lady are claiming that MrTrump’s response to her is “sexist” or “sexually incriminating” or something.
      Good grief, is there no end to this?

      • No, there isn’t. Why do you THINK no one believes the news these days?

        Heck, SEAN HANNITY–an admitted analyst, not a “reporter,” whatever that designation means anymore–is more likely to go out of his way to present, hear out, or even argue the other side himself.

        Analysts being more fair than putatively “factual” reporters is not a good thing. Are we going to need “fair witnesses” before long?

      • There is no end to it, and that’s why normal Americans have clicked off this whole topic. What these morons don’t get is that they are revealing more about themselves and than about whomever they are accusing of whatever on any particular day.

  2. I see “breaking” local news our ding dong Senator with lady parts is demanding he resign too because none of us are safe. Speak for yourself crazy Maize.

  3. Maybe I’m dense, but I didn’t read anything sexual into “and would do anything for them.” Gillibrand is a female Schumer—same hunger for publicity, same faux outrage, and every donor’s favorite because if you want something, just make a call and hand over a check, and consider it done.

  4. In order to get her seat in congress, she said that her opponent, a man named Sweeny, (Rep), beat his with up.
    The wife said it never happened.
    But it was enough to get her across the finish line.

    I think that is what Trump was referring to when he said she “would do anything”.

    Democrats play dirty.

  5. Hey people. Let’s check out the democrat playbook by going back to good old Barry in Chicago. Vanquished Jack Ryan by lies and inuendo. It’s how they roll