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Video || Sanders Declines to Say Whether She was Ever Sexually Harassed

Good for her. Nobody’s business. She’s there to speak for the president, not discuss her personal life.

14 Responses to Video || Sanders Declines to Say Whether She was Ever Sexually Harassed

  1. That is grossly inappropriate and insulting.
    Did he really expect her to say “why, yes, just yesterday Donald grabbed my privates” or what?
    If she had said yes – then all the furies would have been set free. Who did it, what did you do, was it resolved to your satisfaction, how do you feel, etc etc.
    IMO, just asking this in public, in front of a national audience of a professional woman while she’s at work is a sexual harassment of the worst kind. This guy is another one of the clueless, insensitive jerks that women have to endure at school, at work, and anywhere.
    Piggish jerk!

  2. Has the media become 100% Tabloid? Seems the Madison Ave. advertisement content writers, those who exaggerate product claims, have moved over to mainstream media. With a motto, if there is no news, we make some. Has news reporters, lacky journalist at best, become gossip columnists? I wonder.

  3. Stock market booming, Terrorist caught in NYC, Wildfires out West….screw that, lets focus on the President and his possible peccadillos from years ago.

    Its important, but not in comparison to everyday middle class America


    • Or how many diet Cokes President Trump drinks in a day. Yea, that’s what we are all interested in. The media’s plot, in their role as propaganda partners with the fascist Democrats, to destroy Trump intensifies. They continue to expose their deep corruption, one story at a time. 80 percent of the American people have a little to no trust rating of American media, and news executives just keep on losing readers and viewers. Circulation and viewership numbers keep dropping, newspapers keep cutting staff and the media big shots stay formly on the path to self destruction. Just amazing to watch. It’s as though they were members of a cult.

      • And naive young adults only hear this bs, shaping them into good little Dems. I remember the Reagan crap that inundated California news when I was an a-political college student.

        • Saw a clip of CNN yesterday while out with the hubby. They implied that yesterday’s NYC bombing attack was due to Trump, for recognizing Jerusalem, never mind the fact the perp was a jihadi wannabe! Good grief, thank goodness that CNN has less than 50 brainless regular viewers.

    • If Donald Trump was guilty, though I doubt it, why didn’t they come forward long ago? Did anyone ask them their feelings about Bill Clinton’s actions, during Hillary’s campaign? If not, why not? How is it that their memories weren’t stirred during at the beginning of the campaign trail? I know the answers myself, it’s just so frustrating to see someone like Bill or Franken-stein get away with it, yet an Arizona Republican stops down (right away) at the mere insinuation of impropriety.

  4. Ohio breaking news..Wife murders husband, cuts him up and stuffs him into plastic bags. Now that is news. Because it strikes fear in every husband. Isn’t that the idea? Change cultural behavior. Men! Keep yore eyes peeled.

  5. I don’t know where else to ask this, but is there any way for the general public to tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders how much we appreciate the job she is doing? My wife and I cheer at most of her answers. I can’t imagine going into that pig pen every day.