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Five Mistakes People Make About Steve Bannon

From a piece I wrote that was published Friday on Townhall:

Steve Bannon may be the most wildly caricatured, criticized, and, in some quarters, reviled figure in American politics. He crisscrosses the country with badass bodyguards in tow because, one assumes, he needs them. But in researching for my new book “Bannon: Always the Rebel,” which included ten hours of one-on-one talks with the man, I discovered and wrote about someone quite different than the popular image of a goose-stepping neo-fascist who wants to withdraw the United States from the world and make Donald Trump dictator for life.

Here are just a few of the popular misconceptions about Bannon that normally can’t be disputed in polite society—which, as anyone who has expressed a politically incorrect opinion can attest, becomes very impolite when challenged.

1. Bannon is a racist

This, for many people, goes without saying. “Racist” is Bannon’s calling card. He longs achingly for a return to Jim Crow and wants a nation drained of any and all skin pigmentation.

And yet, when you talk to people who have actually spent time with Bannon over the years, you encounter remarkably consistent testimony that the man is not a racist. “He does not have a sexist, racist bone in his body. I don’t even remember a single, solitary inappropriate word that he used, let alone any action,” said Susan Oliver, who served as student body vice president in the Bannon administration at Virginia Tech.

You can read the rest of the piece here on Townhall.

7 Responses to Five Mistakes People Make About Steve Bannon

  1. I read the book, read the Townhall piece (and the comments), but the guy is still a mystery. He’s this, no – he’s that, he wants this, no- he doesn’t care about this, and so on.
    What or who he is, still dunno. The impression is he is looking for that “gold ring” that has eluded him all his life.

    Donald Trump: we know who he is, and we know why he ran for President.
    ot: New York Post
    Front page, Page 6, a woman claimed that MrTrump “tried” to kiss her 12 years ago.
    For Pete’s Sake, how desperate can they get looking for something to smear our President?

  2. I read the article at Townhall and then I read some of the comments. Evidently some of the people commenting on Bannon being a drunk and/or alchoholic
    did not read Keith’s book or they would know that he quit drinking cold turkey years ago. It was interesting the way he did it.