As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Claims Credit for Trump’s Economic Success

I guess it’s consistent, since for about five years he blamed all his failures on Bush.

H/T Daily Caller.

16 Responses to Obama Claims Credit for Trump’s Economic Success

  1. If you ever run out of GALL, or EGO, obama has enough to give each person in the whole world a large amount with plenty left over for him. How does he even figure he is the reason for the economy booming when his GPA was below two percent ? What he did best was everyone was at fault except for his policies. He excelled taking vacations, golfing and spending taxpayer hard earned money.

  2. ot: The judge assigned to hear GenFlynn’s plea and set sentence has recused himself today.
    Something big is about to happen, something is going on now. Dunno.

  3. It has become painfully obvious that Barry is never going to go away or shut his pie hole. He still fervently believes that he, and only he, has the solution to the world’s problems. He will never, ever admit to any errors or wrongdoing. He will continue to lie about his own “achievements” while undermining President Trump at every opportunity. I’m not an American, but I despise Obama.

    • He may never go away, but I sure as heck hope he and his wife never get near the White House again…I only say this because “Mooch 2020” is being floated around out there. After purging their ranks (Franken, Conyers, etc.), the Dems are setting it up for running a woman against Trump.

  4. Think about it.
    Barry is on record saying jobs from overseas or here in America would never come back, because President Trump just couldn’t wave a magic wand.
    Now it’s happening.
    So Barry is taking credit?
    Yea, but Trump has mental issues.