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Franken Resigns, Wondering Why Trump is President While He Must Go

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Al Franken suggested it is unjust that President Trump, who bragged of sexual misconduct, still serves, and that Franken Wednesday was announcing his resignation.

Franken, who spoke on the floor of the Senate, said he will resign “in the coming weeks.” He added that it is wrong that Roy Moore, “who repeatedly preyed on young girls,” is running for Senate with the full support of the Republican Party.

Franken was not the least bit contrite, making no apologies for the hurt he has caused. Instead, he offered the standard Washington nonsense that he is leaving because he doesn’t want to become a “distraction” and that he couldn’t fully serve the people of Minnesota while he was being investigated for ethics violations.

So, he’s doing everyone a favor, still as generous as ever. And as arrogant.

“This has been a tough few weeks for me,” Franken said in a moment of shamelessness and self-indulgence, assuring those who he thinks are concerned, “I’m going to be just fine.”

He said as a senator he has “improved people’s lives” and assure other liberals that he will continue to “fight alongside you,” apparently failing to understand they’re going to want him nowhere near them.

Of course, Franken is resigning because he abused women and because Democrats, after initial hypocrisy, finally decided to demand his resignation.

17 Responses to Franken Resigns, Wondering Why Trump is President While He Must Go

  1. He’s not good enough, he’s not smart enough, and doggone it, people don’t like him.

    Oh, and Minnesota? Try not to let his replacement be decided by voter fraud, hmm?

  2. My view…..I’m not concerned about Trump. I haven’t heard credible evidence yet to make me think he shouldn’t be in office. The voters heard all sorts of stuff about him and made a decision, just like the voters in Alabama will make a decision regarding Moore. I’m not convinced that Franken SHOULDN’T have stayed in the Senate based on what we’ve heard so far, and considered that to be a matter between him and his constituents. I do think that the pressure brought on him by his fellow Democrats was enormous, and in large part was done so strictly for political reasons so that they could continue to try to make political points against Moore and Trump and so on. I think they are ALL still a bunch of hypocrites, in Washington and in the media.

    • I concur. These allegations should be dealt with in a court of law. Not a court of public opinion. We have the right as Americans to vote for who we think will represent us and our concerns. We all know people lie on both sides of these “he said, she said” incidents. When did either party become the moral police?

  3. Here’s what the left fails to understand:

    After years and years and years of covering up for their own mistakes – while beating the ever-loving crap out of Republicans for similar misdeeds – we on the right no longer care.

    You set the rules. We adapted to them.

    It’s too late to enforce them upon us.

  4. Context, it’s all about context. PresTrump talked about stars ‘grabbing ____s”, he didn’t say HE did it.
    Judge Moore’s accusers are relating to conduct that wasn’t (and still isn’t) illegal and happened so long ago that any witness is dodgy.

    Franken’s accusers have proof, they were recent, and even though his conduct has been exemplary in the Senate, it was his decision to end it. When his fellow Dems called for him to resign, their motives were more about the future than the activity he may or may not have done in the past.

    BTW, except for the slams against other people, his resignation speech was elegant and probably the best thing he ever did in the Senate.

    • And, Trump’s remarks were made before voters went to the polls. Weird Al fessed up after he was “elected” and if I remember correctly there was some problem with the vote count. MN is a mess!

  5. Did he ever wonder why Clinton was elected twice amid legitimate allegations? Or how all of this “Me Too” stuff wouldn’t have happened at all if Hillary was president with Bill alongside her in the White House??

    Go away, Stuart Smalley.

  6. If Mr. Franken feels that strongly that resignation was not justified, then he should have thumbed his nose at the leadership in the party and stayed. You know darned well they weren’t going to expel him. The problem is everyone is supposed to get on the same bandwagon – once Nancy Pelosi said he should resign then they started coming out of the woodwork. It would have taken guts to ignore the calls – obviously he doesn’t have them. He certainly wasn’t going to change how he would vote on a going forward basis. If there was no guarantee that he would be replaced by someone of like mind, they would be making excuses why he should stay. Happens on both sides. The next time he’s on the ballot, the voters could decide if they wanted him there or not. Hypocrites all of them.

  7. The reason is calculus…..

    The DEMS cared not but for the seat…

    in 2020 if he were to last that long the REPS would have time to put a credible candidate in front of the voters…

    if he leaves… DEM governor appoints a DEM until 2018 when the appointee (LT Gov) can win with distance from Franken. As identity politics is key in MN the LT Gov being a woman helped in the calculus…

    The Dems keep the seat…

    Franken either had a carrot dangled or was reminded of the (not yet public info) stick coming his way.

    If he wants…watch the redeemed Franken land in some cushy spot in NYC or MN….He’s good enough for that. Darn it.

  8. To the end, Franken denied the allegations, in spite of eight victims telling us of his outrageous behavior. He was drowning in his own insufferable arrogance during his little self aggrandizing speech, and is still in denial of the demons living in his heart. Just pathetic behavior. He’s got a long toad to recovery, if indeed he ever decides to get well.

  9. Franken’s arrogance, his smug know-it-all looks, his condescension, his rudeness, his ridiculous assumption of virtue . . . well, Al, the total package of your personality approaches Hillary Clinton’s in its total ignorance of self. You could not be more, you know, dumb.

    • I agree. And don’t we all get tired of that “holier than thou” look they all have during their denials disguised as apologies? It not only sickens me but frightens me that they really believe that we don’t see right through them.