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Video || Democrats Suggest GOP Tax Bill will Hasten the Apocalypse

13 Responses to Video || Democrats Suggest GOP Tax Bill will Hasten the Apocalypse

  1. Yeah, maybe it will – for the Dem controlled cities and states that have high state income taxes that won’t be a deduction on federal tax forms anymore.
    The high tax payers will feel the burn, and will in turn, scorch their politicians for enacting those laws.

  2. Waters is reading directly from the Fanatic Leftist Handbook, under the Chapter titled: “Threaten The Deplorables With Death And Destruction Whenever They Support The Sovereignty and Security Of Israel.”

    • Well that was a messed up post, wasn’t it? I was thinking of Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem as I was trying to construct a witty post about Waters’ and her Apocalypse threat. I failed on all fronts. ;+}

      • Don’t beat yourself up, Waters, anyone on the Dem side, any issue they don’t like – it’s all the same.
        Death. Destruction. Hellfire. Flooding. Drought. Dying in the Streets. War. Suffering.
        Frozen. Burnt. (pick one or more)
        etc etc blah blah blah.

    • Death, destruction, Satan, hellfire, minorities and women won’t be able to get healthcare, birth control, they’ll starve to death, they’ll be rounded up in camps by Trump, etc, etc……Surprised Maxine hasn’t lit her hair on fire or spun her head completely around for “the sky is falling” special effects.

  3. How can they make a statement like that when the ACA bill was passed in the middle of the night and it has proven to be a failure?
    Trump should cancel the subsidies that Obama gave them.

    I’m convinced they want this country to go down the tubes.

    Disgusting idiots,…all of them.

      • You are right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it that no one has ever questioned the way O care was passed. ‘you have to read the bill to find out what is in the bill away from the cloud of controversy’ and yes it was worse than anyone thought.