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Live Stream || Trump Statement on Jerusalem

Scheduled for 1 pm ET.

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3 Responses to Live Stream || Trump Statement on Jerusalem

  1. Now we can’t peace with a bunch of terrorists that has never wanted peace. I. All of my tears, all I’ve heard is how the world needs peace in the middle east. These ppl have fought with each other for thousands of years. They don’t want peace. Period.

  2. The Arabs are always the problem. Always. The Lord blessed the people Israel. He very clearly laid out the land that was theirs. Of course, the Palestinians are going to go full hissy over this, but so what. Name one thing they don’t go full hissy over.
    Just do it. Don’t let it take years.
    Pray the Lord God provides land for the embassy quickly and the builders to build it.

  3. Jerusalem- wherein our Master took the fall, was wrongfully executed, but arose in His eternal body to judge those who are with Him or against Him.