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Special Counsel Mueller’s Probe Cost $7 million from May to September

This probe was conjured up out of thin air. The $7 million it cost – by now we’re probably closer to $10 million – was from something more tangible: your bank account.

According to Fox News:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office revealed Tuesday that the first few months of his Russia investigation cost taxpayers a total of nearly $7 million.

The sum includes $3.2 million in direct investigation expenses covering things like pay, supplies and rent; $1.7 million was for salary and benefits.

Then there are the $3.5 in “indirect expenses,” covering expenses like agents working on raids or interviews and other government contractors. The office said those expenses would have been incurred “irrespective of the existence of the SCO.“

The report covers the period from May 17, the date of Mueller’s appointment, through Sept. 30, the end of the federal fiscal year.

Though there was never evidence of collusion – except on the Democratic side, with the dossier cooked up by the Clinton campaign – Mueller will find something. Once you start an unlimited investigation, people get nervous and make mistakes. Or some wrongdoing is uncovered.

If Robert Mueller had unlimited funds to investigate 100 people, I’m willing to wager he would find some way to put at least 20 or 30 of them in jail. That’s why you are innocent until proven guilty in this country, and prosecutors have to make a decision about whether they think they can prove a crime before they go after you, because they have limited resources.

But Mueller’s resources are limited only by the amount he can take from you, which is limitless.

18 Responses to Special Counsel Mueller’s Probe Cost $7 million from May to September

  1. Oh yeah, if the gommint wants you, they’ll find something, somewhere that will prove you did wrong.
    My first in-laws, Mom and Pop, filed a tax return when he worked in a foundry, she was a line order cook in a restaurant. They mixed up medical deductions and were fined $500 after a random audit.
    Mom cried, thought they were going to prison, and I can’t tell you what Pop said, you can guess.

    A businessman like MrTrump (along with his adult children) surely made mistakes, did something not exactly legal or ethical, somewhere along the years. A dedicated prosecutor with an unlimited budget will find those things, we all know that.
    All we care about out here in flyover country is what he’s doing or did since he swore to uphold the constitution and protect us.
    Whatever he might have done, said, or promised before that day isn’t important.

  2. Money means nothing to Washington, DC, denizens because it’s always someone else’s. If called upon to personally give $5 for an office party or an ailing fellow worker, they would faint dead away. And have themselves revived with a glass of champagne from one of the better restaurants, using an office credit card to pay for it.

  3. Time for Mueller to pack up and hit the road. He has spent enough of our dollars on pissing into the wind.
    First collusion, then Manafort, then the Flynn thing and now DT’s banking business. Eventually this is all going to get Maxine Waters so riled up she’s going to have a stroke.
    What’s Mueller going to come up with next? The time DT went to the bathroom and forgot to zip his fly?

    • “Eventually this is all going to get Maxine Waters so riled up she’s going to have a stroke.”

      You say that as if it were somehow a BAD thing. Heck, maybe we need to triple Mueller’s budget, so Mad Maxine can keel over with an apoplexy attack.

      (And yes, I’m being facetious…)

  4. Because there is nothing to find, this will last forever. No one will cut it off because that will “prove” the investigation would have found the goods if it had only one more week’s funding, etc.

    Mueller should end this farce, but then he’ll never get invited over by his friends again, so he slogs on in hope that someone else will relieve him of his burden and make him a hero to uninformed Progs.

  5. The following is my favorite line of article

    “Then there are the $3.5 million in “indirect expenses,” covering expenses like agents working on raids”