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Trump: Hillary Lied, Nothing Happened; Flynn Lied, They Ruined His Life

President Trump spoke briefly to the press this morning before leaving for Salt Lake City. He didn’t directly answer a question about Flynn, instead comparing his fate to that of Hillary Clinton:

I will say this: Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI and nothing happened to her. Flynn lied and they destroyed his life. I think it’s a shame.

Hillary Clinton, on the Fourth of July weekend, went to the FBI, not under oath — it was the most incredible thing anyone has ever seen. She lied many times. Nothing happened to her. Flynn lied, and it’s like they ruined his life. It’s very unfair.

4 Responses to Trump: Hillary Lied, Nothing Happened; Flynn Lied, They Ruined His Life

  1. It keeps getting better.

    Turns out the FBI guy that they demoted three months ago for his anti-Trump texts, was the very agent who interviewed General Flynn.

    Even more, Flynn, who’d had a role in briefing the FBI on what was expected under the new administration, had no idea he was being officially interviewed until the g-men were in his office. Thus, he didn’t have his lawyer with him.

    The upshot of all this, is that he just pled guilty to a process crime he probably would never have committed, had he had a lawyer present.

    So they gave him an ambush interview, and then kept on hounding him until he gave them an admission of guilt…for a process crime that the FBI did all it could to set up.

    So, wait, does that sound like the FBI, or more like the KGB?