As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Finally Formally Endorses Roy Moore

I mean, for the supposedly no-nonsense president, all this indirectness about opposing Moore’s Democratic opponent Doug Jones while not quite endorsing Moore was unseemly. Now, Trump is all in.

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4 Responses to Trump Finally Formally Endorses Roy Moore

  1. Accusations of sexual improprieties are just that – charges, not proven.
    It would seem that MrTrump waited until his people could confirm that the accusations were not what they seemed, and that Judge Moore has a stellar judicial and personal record.
    Imagine that – MrTrump being prudent and careful.
    He touched me, he said something terrible to me, he tried to date me, he made me watch stuff he was doing, etc etc, all legitimate complaints, but not criminal complaints.
    He’s a pig, he’s disgusting, etc.
    Some men are that way, do those things, most do not act like that at all.
    Can we move on to the real issues – like political positions on important things?

  2. Now that Moore is off the front pages, and the media back on russiarussiarussia, this won’t be national news. It’ll only break wide in Alabama, where it can only help.

    If the media circles back onto Moore now, they’d be tacitly admitting Flynn’s guilty plea on Friday was a nothingburger.

    PDJT is soberly playing an expert game of Falcon-Hunter Chess, while the press is still randomly moving checkers…with a hangover.