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Bannon to Headline Fundraiser for Black Entrepreneurs

During my interviews with him for my book, Bannon: Always the Rebel, Bannon told me that his goal was for Republicans to capture 30 percent of black and Hispanic working-class voters.

According to Breitbart:

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon will headline a fundraising luncheon for Black Americans for a Better Future (BABF) on Tuesday at the Willard InterContinental Washington hotel in Washington, DC.

The event, “A Business Luncheon with Stephen K. Bannon: A Republican Vision for Minority Business Growth,” will see approximately 200 minority entrepreneurs from throughout the United States.

Bannon, who previously served as senior White House adviser to President Donald Trump and was the CEO of his presidential campaign, has stated that a large part of his vision for economic nationalism is helping extend opportunities to black and Hispanic workers.

“Steve’s knowledge of the black community is incredible,” Raynard Jackson, founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future, told Breitbart News. “If you were Stevie Wonder, being blind, and you could sit and talk with Steve and didn’t know his color, you would swear he’s from the black community because of his understanding of the dynamic, the business and community dynamic.”

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2 Responses to Bannon to Headline Fundraiser for Black Entrepreneurs

  1. Sure, why not.
    Everything is upside down, twisted, and unbelievable on the political scene so much that Blacks and Hispanics might actually see the racism and insults of the Dems that have kept them in “chains” for decades.
    The Supremes back the President’s order to ban certain immigrants, the MSM is confused, disordered, and the Dems are floundering trying to figure out why MrTrump is still tweeting from the Oval Office.

    One doesn’t know if it’s time to cry or time to laugh. Are we in the Matrix?