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Trump: Tillerson is Staying

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post are reporting that Secretary of State Tillerson has weeks, maybe months left. But Trump says he will not be leaving soon.

I dunno. Is Trump just trying to stick it to the media? Or were the stories orchestrated by White House people who want Tillerson out, without knowing what Trump’s mind is on the matter?

Either way, looks like Rex can have a Merry Christmas.

1 thought on “Trump: Tillerson is Staying”

  1. Oh, boy. Does he play them or do they play themselves, and does it really matter.
    Headlines of the Sec of State being fired, forced to retire, and even naming his likely replacement ..then MrTrump decides it’s time to end the scam, says Tillerson is not leaving, he’ll be here for a long time and the MSM look like fools who make fake news their new motto.
    Oh heck, let’s get back to the phony pie baking crisis – did she or didn’t she?

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