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Video || Pelosi Finally Decides Conyers Should Resign

Poor Nancy Pelosi. With the Democratic party now all about identity politics, she had to figure out which identity – African Americans or woman – she could least avoid to anger. Finally, after some graphic details came out about what Conyers did, Pelosi decided it was safe enough to side with the women.

14 Responses to Video || Pelosi Finally Decides Conyers Should Resign

  1. Apparently, these Dem/Lib men are so used to being protected by higher-ups or their positions they don’t think anyone would dare call for their resignations.
    Conyers, McCain, Pelosi – too, all need to bow out gracefully, step aside for a new generation.
    I get it, they want to die at their desks and have all manner of honors heaped upon their public service, but it’s time to go.

    • Well then you don’t get it because there will be no honor as they have disgraced “public service “. Besides ticking me off royally by making women look senile after a certain age. Hell hath no fury as they say!

    • I saw a photo of John McCain being pushed in a wheelchair, it makes me wonder if the cancer has spread throughout his body. Is he really up to the job?

    • If they sat at their desks and actually did some good for the country, I might agree. However, they look out for themselves, and only for themselves, after too much time on the job.

    • Franken is Senate, Pelosi is House. Not butting into the other chamber’s affairs may be one of the last traditions left in Congress, for now.

      Yes, all the principals involved here are disgusting human beings, and I’m not entirely sure about the noun which heads that phrase.

      That said, Pelosi isn’t trying to interfere with Senate affairs; to be fair, I have to give her credit for that much.