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The Time for Action on North Korea is Now

President Trump tweeted out Thursday what should be obvious to anyone who is the type who stops after banging their heads against the wall after few attempts – that China either can’t or won’t do anything about North Korea.

In fact, nothing peaceful is going to stop Kim Jong-Un.

The bad news is that a country that tolerates worms in the intestines of its front-line soldiers so it can free up resources for its nuclear program isn’t going to halt the program under any circumstance.

The good news is that front-line North Korea soldiers have worms in their intestines.

We can never underestimate our enemies, but I do not believe North Korea will do as much damage in a war as many fear. They are, as they say in the East, a Paper Tiger. We need to hit them with extraordinary force, possibly including using nuclear weapons, in order to keep them from launching any of theirs.

Unless we want to be held hostage to a madman and risk that at some point he will use his nuclear weapons against us, we must take military action against North Korea now. It’s not just that he might do something crazy, or that he will now have outsized influence over our policies. Once his weapons are aimed at all our cities, the risk of a mistake is excellent. We’ve nearly had accidental catastrophes with the far more sophisticated Soviet Union.

The future of mankind is literally at stake right now. When Washington politicians say something is “intolerable,” what they really mean is that it’s terrible but we’ll live with it. A nuclear North Korea is literally NOT TOLERABLE. We must eliminate this existential threat before it is too late.

“We can do amazing things if we are pushed to do so,” said former Trump National Security Advisor Sebastian Gorka on Fox News the other day, referring to our capabilities against North Korea. “Sooner or later, you make threats that are explicit, then you must be dealt with. But it will not be nice. It will be the last resort.”

Exactly. And it’s time for the last resort. The risks are high, but the long-term risk is higher.

9 thoughts on “The Time for Action on North Korea is Now”

  1. You’re right, MrTrump is right, but it won’t fly as long as the MSM/Dems keep insisting that he is delusional, insane, demented, and should be removed from the White House.
    They don’t care that the constant insanity of their hatred to MrTrump is hurting our country and our country’s standing in the world.

    I don’t want to see a war, (Dear God, not another one), but what else can we do with someone who threatens us every day with disaster.

  2. Time to do it….. This is 1938 Czechloslavakia…. do it now or wait a year and have 10-20-30 Million have to die to stop it.

    Only .00000001 will give Trump credit but millions of lives will be saved. It is the right thing to do.

    Kim is delusional, etc. stop believing in these ‘rational leader’ theories… This guy Kim is a complete dumb ass and needs to be stopped. Now.

    Do it today… won’t even get as much play as a Matt Lauer report….

    1. The corporate MSM and the Democrats would MUCH rather have 10-20-30 million Americans dead from a NK attack than give Trump any support to defend the country from Fat Boy’s insanity.

  3. I suppose, if Trump is really into realpolitik on this NORK thing, he could wait until Rocket Man lays one of his nuke eggs on — oh, say, San Francisco, Sacremento, or maybe LA. After losing a few hundred thousand of their newest voting bloc, the Gimmecrats might be more in the mood to back military action to stop the Kim Jong Rockets. Probably put a kink in the CA secession movement, too.

    1. The problem is that Kimmy has some generals who know it is far more effective to detonate one of those toys at an altitude of 300 miles or so over Kansas. The EMP will take out the entire country’s electrical grid. Of course, that will play worse in the hives, but there will be hundreds of millions dead in this country.

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