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NBC Fires Matt Lauer for Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in the Workplace

Updated 9:22 am ET.

Matt Lauer has been fired by NBC, becoming the latest high-profile liberal to fall as a result of inappropriate sexual behavior.

His distraught co-host Savannah Guthrie, announced at the top of the Today show around 7:00 am ET Wednesday that Lauer was out.

President Trump almost immediately reacted with a tweet.

The complaint was made to NBC officials Monday night, and after an investigation – as well as a determination that the behavior was not likely an isolated incident – NBC decided to get rid of their star host. The New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that the firing offense was sexual assault that occurred at the Olympics. From the Post:

Matt Lauer allegedly sexually assaulted a female NBC staffer during the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, sources told Page Six.

An NBC insider said Lauer’s alleged victim complained to HR on Monday, “This happened so quickly. She didn’t go to the media, she made a complaint to NBC’s human resources, and her evidence was so compelling that Matt was fired on Tuesday night. The victim says she has evidence that this has also happened to other women, but so far we don’t have evidence of that.”

Amazing. Charlie Rose and now Lauer. Add in Weinstein and the others. And nobody knew?? How many of these liberal advocates for women’s rights who scorn Republicans as sexist have been protecting these predatory beasts so that the money can keep flowing in.

Lauer, 59, is married and has three children, including a 13-year-old daughter.


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36 Responses to NBC Fires Matt Lauer for Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in the Workplace

  1. And, as well Old Matt offended me years ago when he got the job on the desk. So much so, that I have not watch the “TODAY SHOW” which it is a “SHOW YOU KNOW” for many years. Maybe since DAVE GARROWAY (1952 TO 1961) with his monkey “Muggs” now that was good. Mr. Muggs was a super reporter.

    • Lauer was (is) insufferably arrogant and posed as a “journalist” throughout his professional his life. I always saw him as one of those talentless, dishonest corporate climbers who would step over anyone and commit any nasty backstabbing deed in order to continue his slimy slithering up the corporate ladder. We’ve all seen our fill of these types in our own workplaces. Now, true to his type, he is accused of inappropriate sexual behavior and the accusations are in full public view. Now, everyone knows what a creep he is.

      • And having nixed satellite/cable 15 years ago, as well as being at my job by six am, I have no idea who this yahoo is!
        Not missing anything obviously.

  2. “not an isolated incident”
    Besides the obvious shock of the allegation, does anyone else wonder how a person of such high esteem and prominence at NBC goes about with this behavior and no one notices? The secondary offense here is that the top brass looked the other way… and they feign shock…give me a break…

    ps..good to be back posting…was out of the loop for awhile.

    • Yup. Looks more and more like a lot of big shots in the infotainment racket were looking the wrong way for a long, LONG time.

      And just think: if Pravda on the Potomac hadn’t tried to throw shade at Roy Moore, we might not have heard any of this.

      The kicker? Moore may yet win despite the allegations, while a lot of Democrats are getting roasted by the blowback: Franken, Conyers, Al Green, maybe more to come.

      So, yeah…great job, Bezos. You aimed for one Republican candidate, and hit three sitting Democrats (and counting?) instead.

    • Hi Harv. Yep, they all knew about Lauer’s strange, public, exhibitionist behavior, you can bet the farm on that. He did in in public view, for goodness sake. And they all looked the other way for years. They were “in denial” of Lauer’s sick behavior because of the power–perceived or real– he had over their jobs should they complain about his behavior to the big bosses. It was all part of the culture at this very sick organization.

  3. Fired! and another one bites the dust.
    I don’t know doo-doo about this guy, never watch the Today show, but it seems this public firing frenzy is way too much.
    If he was a jerk around women, he could have been “retired” or put on assignment in StMary Kansas without ruining his reputation on an allegation, distressing his family, and making men in general look like piggish louts.

    • “I don’t know doo-doo about this guy,…..”
      He’s a guy who plays out his sexual fantasies in the workplace and a person the network bosses covered for all these years. ( I know what you meant, just adding my own moment of schadenfreude re another crazed leftist media nut biting the dust ;+}) Lots more like him in the queue waiting for their own beheading, no doubt. Their secret little games are over and they know it. That’s the magical sound of shaking knobby knees rattling in the background you hear.

  4. With the peculiar Lauer now hitting the dust because of his crass and adolescent behavior, the other big shots in the media (and the Congress, for that matter, which is full of such creeps) who have sexually harassed, attacked or otherwise humiliated women must be talking to their lawyers 24/7. Their time for such behavior is over. The ax is coming for them and they will try to negotiate their firing as best they can.

    Funny how things turn out. As you sow, so shall you reap. It may take a long time to reap the plants (good or bad, for that matter) you have sown, but it will happen.

  5. So who can dig up any hypocritical, foul quotes Lauer has made concerning Trump’s alleged bad behavior? I don’t know who this guy is, but if he’s a lefty with a platform, I’m sure he took part in the attempt to incite the mob when the reports were made of Trump’s statements from eons ago.

    Wait, someone called Trump a hypocrite?? Whaaat?

    • Yes, whenever hypocrites choke on exactly the same thing they accuse others if having said or done, it signifies a change in the air. Even the corporate media elite organizations, which is filled to the brim with these types of creeps, cannot cover up the story anymore. As we so often see, they are guilty of the very charges and crimes they accuse others of committing.

  6. Very soon now we will hear Lauer’s sad apology, which will sound something like this:

    “If I had known that groping women, sexually harassing them, and dropping my pants in front of them was offensive to these women, I would not have done so. I have recently learned that women don’t like this type of behavior and I will spend the next two days in a resort rehab facility trying to learn this important lesson. If I had known what I did was wrong when I behaved this way, I might not have done it.”

  7. Married with three children, cripes.
    He’s a piggish jerk, no doubt about that, and made the women he worked with feel degraded or worse.
    IMO, he had to go, but did he have to be publically fired, shamed? How more kind to his wife and children and his extended family that had nothing to do with his loutish behavior to let him retire, move him to some flyover TV site where he would just up and quietly quit than to cause so much pain to the innocent.

  8. Attention men everywhere. This has little to do with sexual misdeeds but the all out eradication of heterosexual men. When they are removed from society we have no families in the Christian sense. We will just all be those clear jellyfish you find on the beach….social engineering is well underway.

    • I don’t think that most heterosexual men behave in this way. They will continue to live their lives as they always have and will be just fine. The few predators among them do need to be weeded out.

      But! I have to agree with you in this sense — the Progs always piggyback crazy stuff onto good stuff (e.g., the education packet for children in schools that calls the anus a genital), and I have already seen a Prog on Tucker Carlson calling for new ways to raise boys. What the hell are they aiming at? I like men and think they have borne enough of the social change burden.

      Love you, guys!

    • “This has little to do with sexual misdeeds but the all out eradication of heterosexual men.”

      Nope. It has to do with men acting like gentlemen. Like some of us have always done.

  9. Character matters. How should society respond to these substandard men who have demonstrated they are unable to control themselves? I suggest this; Perpetrator to be staked naked on a fire ant mound. While a angry pitbull performs a neutering procedure. Scene to go live stream all channels prime time. Those males that value and think highly of their crotch-abilities, may grasp the consequences? Probably doubtful.

  10. I’m surprised that people are surprised. I’ve been sexually harassed in college by teachers, at work by coworkers and bosses. And I’m no hot babe.

    It would be nice if people from here on in take if more seriously. If just one person in authority or close to the guy in each situation had said privately, “Leave her alone. That’s not right.” It would have taken care of the problem. But no one said a thing. I hope things change for the sake of decency – no one needs to be destroyed, just guided into good treatment of others.

    (And ditto for female predators.)

    • It takes brains too… I remember a similar event when we first had kids and a male friend of mine told me the story of how he never drives the female baby sitter home after they got home.

      Me: Level 1 – lazy turd…making wife do the drive….

      Me: Level 2 – Never put yourself (and by extension your family) in an awkward position….so I talked with my wife and she agreed that it would be better not to ever have the issue come up

      I’ve otherwise applied this concept to other areas of my life… co-worker women sometimes would comment on my new haircut or shirt. I NEVER said anything like ‘nice dress’ or ‘cute haircut’ or anything (even if I did think it looked nice)…..and if I ever got roped into the ‘does this make my butt look big?’ or anything like that… I would say – “You want advice from a guy whose wife buys all his clothes?”… followed by exit conversation and room….

      • Oh…and like Jimmy Carter… I have lust in my heart (or whatever he said)…but I seem to be able to direct it toward just my wife…. me and I think most people…

      • I had the same sort of personal rules when I worked in a corporate setting before I retired. I never had lunch with a female co-worker unless others were present, never went into a setting where I could be accused of anything untoward with a female. Never flirted, never told dirty jokes, never a remote suggestion of interest in an affair. I was all business and at the end of the work day I went straight home. No going to a bar, no staying late unless it was for work purposes. Period. I did know of several married men over the years who were carrying on affairs with married and single women in the company, some with their own assistants or secretaries. Everyone knew what was going on. I also knew of three occasions when a high level boss was out and out sexually harassing or humiliating women and all three eventually got canned, as soon as HR was informed.