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Remember, it Was Obama Who Started Complaining About Fake News

Barack Obama was the first American president I heard start mentioning journalists and news outlets by name, attacking their fairness and responsibility.

Now that President Trump is doing it – admittedly at a heightened pace – there is all sorts of handwringing about whether journalists are going to come to some kind of harm.

I previously objected to politicians going after the press. But in today’s environment, where the agenda of the ostensibly objective press is no longer even remotely hidden and few checks are made to prevent bias, I think the president has a right to fight back. As long as he doesn’t restrict their speech, he has a right not to just get hit time and time again. And while I would never wish harm to any journalist – I’ve been under threat myself – and I doubt anyone will do anything stupid, it’s now a volatile business we are in and journalists need to accept that there are risks. Trump can’t be responsible for every lunatic who might misinterpret his words, any more than the press is responsible for lunatics who might take up their articles and punditry and turn them into violence.

Obama lit the match, and Trump is just fanning the flames.

9 thoughts on “Remember, it Was Obama Who Started Complaining About Fake News”

  1. The point was Obama went after FOX news, and some other conservative publications or websites, that is OK.
    MrTrump is going after the (former) giants of the MSM – CNN, NYTimes, WashPost.
    Obama golfed at military courses, Trump golfs at his own golf courses so it’s wrong.
    Obama vacationed at rental homes, Trump vacations at his own home so it’s wrong.
    The Obama women traveled across the country on our dime for business and mostly pleasure, but Trump’s children travel at their own expense and that’s wrong.
    Michelle was a fashion icon with toned arms, Melania is ignored at best.
    Double standards can’t even explain all this.

  2. It was the “journalists” at NBC who deceptively edited George Zimmerman’s 911 tape.

    It was “journalist” Katie Couric who edited nine seconds of blank stares (which didn’t happen) into an anti-gun debate. She got sued, and the case got tossed by an Obama-appointed judge.

    It was “journalist” Dan Rather who gave us “fake but accurate.”

    And it was “journalists” that erroneously credited Al Gore with Florida in the 2000 presidential election, setting off an acrimonious recount, leading to eight years of Bush Derangement Syndrome, all of which ultimately paved the way for Wicked King Barry.

    So as far as I’m concerned, all those Democratic operatives with bylines can take the pearls they’re clutching, and use them as anal beads. I have no sympathy for any of them.

  3. Good job Keith. Waking up those who may slumber by mentioning Barry O ! The most thin skinned over promoted joke to ever occupy the WH. Just his name is like a cattle prod to the backside!

  4. The sad part is it was hard to keep up with all his lies and racist comments , just seeing his face makes me sick !!
    I would still like to know what the cost to the Taxpayers was too support his mother in law !

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