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Clinton Planned Retribution Against Government Watchdog Over Emails

The Hillary Clinton campaign put out word that a federal inspector general who was handling the Clinton email case would have been fired had Clinton taken office as president.

According to Fox News:

A government watchdog who played a central role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation during the Obama administration told Fox News that he, his family and his staffers faced an intense backlash at the time from Clinton allies – and that the campaign even put out word that it planned to fire him if the Democratic presidential nominee won the 2016 election.

“There was personal blowback. Personal blowback to me, to my family, to my office,” former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III said . . .

In January 2016, after McCullough told the Republican leadership on the Senate intelligence and foreign affairs committees that emails beyond the “Top Secret” level passed through the former secretary of state’s unsecured personal server, the backlash intensified.

“All of a sudden I became a shill of the right,” McCullough recalled. “And I was told by members of Congress, ‘Be careful. You’re losing your credibility. You need to be careful. There are people out to get you.’”

Funny, I experienced something similar during my time as a mainstream reporter. There was a subtle but unmistakable feeling that if I did too much accountability on a Democrat like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama or wrote too many positive stories related to George W. Bush or Republicans, I might get labeled “one of them.” That is, a conservative.

Anyway, it appears what McCullough didn’t realized was that investigations such as the one he was performing were for little people, not the Clintons.

More than 2,100 classified emails passed through Clinton’s personal server, which was used exclusively for government business. No one has been charged.

Asked what would have happened to him if he had done such a thing, McCullough said: “I’d be sitting in Leavenworth right now.”

5 Responses to Clinton Planned Retribution Against Government Watchdog Over Emails

  1. Hillary’s win would have been the ascension of our first dictator. Obama had politicized enough of the Swamp and the judiciary that Queen Hillary would have had the nation at her feet.

  2. The stink of corruption and cronyism is so strong in DC that we can smell it out here in flyover country. We’re not surprised at the threats to people who would make the Clintons look bad or expose some wrongdoing, but we are mystified at the MSM’s determination to keep the Dems and their minions in power.
    What’s in it for them, why would the MSM coerce fellow journalists to keep silent about corruption uncovered in Dem circles?
    Why did they promote the Obamas as saviors of the country and now insist that MrTrump is the devil who will destroy all that’s good?

    Every day the MSM finds some new way to criticize MrTrump and ignore anything good that his policy or agenda has proven to work for us. In the same manner and insinuation, the MSM paints Trump supporters as stupid and easily fooled, unlike the Dems who blindly follow anyone or anything they provide, no matter what it is.
    Most of us have lost life-long friends over political views, and we are stunned, confused by it all. What is it the Dems provide for them that the Repubs don’t, or is it just to go along to get along with everyone.

    Vanity Fair mag just published a hit piece on MrsTrump claiming a “friend” of hers admitted that she never wanted to be FLOTUS, that she wanted nothing to do with the White House.
    Maybe she did, but they forgot that Michelle Obama felt the same way before she found the public life agreed with her agenda. She described living in the White House as “living above the store”, said being FLOTUS was “hell” and complained about the lack of privacy and personal freedom to go wherever she wished.
    There aren’t many women who would want to be FLOTUS and lose the privacy or freedom in exchange for constant intrusions into their every moment.
    OT: or not
    Cong Conyers threatened to take down a lot of congressional members if he was forced out of office. All of a sudden, Cong Pelosi steps up and calls him an “icon” who is important to Congress and the country.
    Yep. Threats work in DC.

  3. Author Victor Thorn (pen name), after publishing what may have been his last book,’Crowning Clinton’, was found dead of a self-inflicted gun shot wound in August 2016. That’s how the internet reported it & his family confirmed it. Retribution works…