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Video || Media Get in Line Behind Al Franken

Because he’s so, so sorry. And so clearly sorry. And so sorry about the matter and the damage he has done. And he apologized.

And he ADMITTED IT. He takes responsibility. Of course, there was that little matter of him being photographed doing it, and not admitting to things he was not photographed doing, but whatever.

And he’s so sincere. Unlike Republicans.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

7 Responses to Video || Media Get in Line Behind Al Franken

  1. Everybody knows someone like him – a jerk around women who embarrasses himself and makes other people uncomfortable. He’s sorry he got caught, OK. I would be, too.

    Let him stay in the Senate. He will never win reelection, nor will anyone there give him any credit or allow him to do much of anything.
    He’s ruined, done. Fini.
    He might take a lesson from the late Cong Sonny Bono’s fate and avoid ski resorts. The Dems are not nice people. Ask anyone who crossed the Clintons.

    • Exactly. The always boring and extremely peculiar Al Franken is sorry because he got publicly exposed as yet another predator and abuser of women. Getting caught is all he’s sorry for. Otherwise, his conscience would have convinced him many years ago to come forth and admit his stupid behavior. But he did not come forth, and he never would have come forth in a burst of honesty had he not been publicly exposed and humiliated. It would have been his little secret forever.

      • His current approval rate in Minnesota is dropping significantly, but you’re right. He might well be re-elected.

        We note this in 2010 from USNews:
        “It looks increasingly likely that at least one member of the United States Senate may owe his seat in the world’s greatest deliberative body not to his charisma or the persuasiveness of his message but to voter fraud.

        “As the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund reports, Minnesota Democrat Al Franken’s narrow, 312-vote victory in 2008 over incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman may have come as the result of people being allowed to vote who, under existing law, shouldn’t have been.”

        Obviously, Franken is not above participating in highly questionable voting results. He’s done it before and it got him elected.

  2. And now we hear that some Congress Critters are asking for workshop sessions to teach members of Congress that, basically, they should not be sexually attacking or humiliating women. Think about that. They need a workshop to learn that? Says it all, doesn’t it?