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Keane: Obama Dangerously Eroded Our Military Capabilities

Retired Gen. Jack Keane, a Fox News analyst, said Sunday that the U.S. military has been starved of the funding it needs and that we are even at risk of losing a war with China.

Keane said:

Our capabilities have eroded, and our readiness capability has significantly eroded. We’re just not paying the money it takes to train our pilots, maintain the training proficiency of our units, do the training for seamanship that’s necessary . . . On top of that, all the military services are too small.

Our extraordinarily irresponsible former president, Barack Obama, left this country in serious danger by allowing severe cuts to military spending while he pursued new adventures in social welfare programming.

It is not clear that the military will be rebuilt adequately under President Trump. Congress must appropriate more money, and Democrats, as Obama did, are holding military spending hostage to vast increases in domestic spending. Republicans will probably have to agree to it if they want to secure the country. Which of course fosters another national security nightmare Obama failed to address, the exploding federal debt.

6 Responses to Keane: Obama Dangerously Eroded Our Military Capabilities

  1. If I remember correctly, during the Clinton administration, the military did not have small arms ammunition to practice with or it was very limited and limited amounts of fuel for aircraft .

    • You remember correctly. I know one Battalion Commander who, during those insane Clinton years, sent his First Sergeant to a Wall Mart to buy ammo so his military police could do their annual weapons qualification. He couldn’t get ammo through regular channels. That’s how crazy it was. Obama was even worse.

  2. There are TV commercials that oppose the tax cuts because it will add $150 billion to the deficit. They fail to mention Obama added 1 trillion to the deficit for four straight years. Since Obama spent it on social programs and neglected the military President Trump is pictured as a spend thrift when he wants to update the military and do the tax cuts.

    The Coast Guard wants $1.5 billion for new ships, They are operating one ship that is over 70 years old. They admit they don’t have the resources to stop all the drug smuggling. Obama had the 99 weeks unemployment program. I how that program is no longer around.

  3. One of Obama’s prime objectives was to destroy the political fabric and spirit of the Republic of the United States. Destroying the morale and capability of our military forces was a prime target for Obama to achieve that goal. As Commander in Chief of our military forces, he made a huge, unprecedented effort to destroy our military, but he failed. That’s what history will record about this Obama fraud.